Looking west and then east on the C&P RR at Parkersburg Road along Rt.36. (1968, Don Biggs photos)

Looking east on the C&P mainline at Morantown. The green building was Emerlck's Meat Market. (1988, Al Moran photo)

West and east view on the C&P at the crossing in Morantown of Slabtown Road. (3-9-2013)

East of the Slabtown Road crossing in the vicinty of Slabtown Rd and Reds Lane the C&P roadbed is seen here with a view west and east. In the second/east photo notice the roadbed up on the bank to the right of the C&P roadbed. This was the original mainline of the C&P from Mt. Savage where there was a switch back at one time. Perhaps the locomotives when the C&P was first built were not strong enough for the longer/steeper grade for which the switch back was built. Both routes of the C&P were believed to co-exist for a short time.

Looking west up the C&P at Slabtown, just east of Morantown.

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