Two photos, both taken at the exact same spot looking in both directions. Looking east you can see the siding for Morrison. Looking west you can see the coal hoppers parked at the truck dump at Phoenix Mine Siding. (1968, Don Biggs photos)

Passing Morrisons loadout. (Al Moran Photo)

Don Biggs chased WM Alco 188 to the crossing at Morrisons. The crew in the cab was on the horn thinking he was trying to beat the train to the crossing. (Don Biggs photo)

WM FA2 #303 and WM GP9 #25 are parked and chained to the tracks at Morrisons waiting on delivery to the George's Creek Railway at Barton, MD. *A road crossing just east of Morrisons was paved over by the county and prevented CSX from making the delivery. (12-3-11)

Looking west and east from atop the truck dump for the loadout at Morrison in 1968. In these photos the entire siding is in use. Today the siding is out of service but intact up to where the coal is loaded. The remainder of the siding was removed in favor for loading an entire coal train on the main track. The eastern switch still remain intact in 2012. (1968, Don Biggs photos)

Looking west and east from the eastern ed of the truck dump at Morrison on 7-14-12. Again the siding was removed in favor of loading an entire coal train on the main track. The second photo shows what is left of the eastern switch to the former siding. The bridge over George's Creek can also be seen.

Two photos looking again west and east, but from the bridge over George's Creek on the east side of Morrison. There was a switch to access the siding at Morrison from the east. I assume empties were shoved in this side and the full hoppers pushed west, still in the siding. (1968, Don Biggs photos)

Looking at the dowstream side of the C&P bridge just west of Morrison. See that the creek is undercutting the stone abutment here also. Next photo is looking west from up on the track east of the bridge. (7-14-12)

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