The first photo is looking west at the newer type of milepost at Moscow, Md. The truck is parked on the old road that once crossed the creek, now closed. Guess the truck driver is convinced that trains will no longer run on these tracks as they haven't for some time now. The second photo is looking east at Moscow. pictured here alondside the tracks is WM's type of milepost. The WM used peices of rail painted originally black with white letters, later black at the bottom, white at the top, and lettered with black letters. (10-31-05)

Looking west and east along the C26 Milepost at Moscow. A weed sprayer was run from Barton up to the crossing west of the washout at Moscow. The second photo is after the crossing an it shows how the tracks looks where the weed sprayer hasn't been ran. (Summer 2011)

Here is the "big washout" on the line. It is one of two, this being the biggest but like the other is fixable. It appears the creek has shifted and undercut the tracks. It could be corrected by moving the boulders in the creek back to this side and reinforcing the roadbed with some type of minor retaining wall. (10-31-05)

Another view of the washout. You can see the rocks in the creek are all to the right, moving them to the left would redirect the water. The second photo is looking east up the tracks. Again more junk is thrown across the rails as people haven't seen trains up here in some time. (10-31-05)

Looking east towards Frostburg from the crossing at Moscow. (Summer 2011)

Materials are gathered to replace the road crossing at Moscow with a new one. A temporary crossing was made on the other side of these materials so the old crossing can be removed and the new on installed. (10-28-12, Blair Williamson photo)

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