Coal Tiple with two tracks for it and two tracks on the mainline.

Don Biggs photographed the truck dump coal tipple in 1968 or 1969 at National when it was just a fraction of the size it currently is. The coal tipple in the first photo had since been enlarged, it sits now just waiting to be turned back on and loading empty hoppers with coal. (Don Biggs photo)&(10-31-05)

Two tracks up on the bank serve the coal tiple and two tracks down the bank are the C&P Mainline. (10-31-05)

B880 loading at Consol 10 passing the loadout along the road (Al Moran photo)

B880 is seen passing the loadout again at National. (Al Moran photo)

After the C&P Mainline was abandoned in 1954 east of here to Frostburg the right-of-way removed and the land restored. These hoppers are sitting on the truck dump coal tipple track. The end of the track was marked in this 1968/69 photo. This location is the current end of ownership of the George's Creek Railway. Today tracks continue east into the field which was at one time the site on the Consol No.10 coal tipple. (Don Biggs photos)

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