Neff Run Coal Loader

The C&P Mainline crosses Neff Run at the Consol/Ocean No.1 Mine. Second photo was take on July 17, 2012 at the same location. The pile of coal is now gone along with the switch to the west end of the side track. (1968 Don Biggs photo)

Two photos both taken on 7-14-12 just east of the Neff Run bridge. In these two photos you can still make out the remains of the side track still in place for most part. The Switches them selves have been removed. The eastern switch and rails have been pulled and taken to Dawson to reconstruct the side track there.

Pictured above and below was the former tipple that was located on the eastern end of the sidetrack at Neff Run. This siding at this loaction today has been pulled up and moved to Dawson.

More items that was part of the coal tipple operation at Neff Run. This tipple was only in service seven or eight years in the late 1980's to early 1990's. (Don Biggs photos)

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