Number Nine, B179.9/C&P Upper Switchback, C15.0

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On the C&P

Looking downgrade at C&P's Upper Switchback in 1968. Second photo is also looking at the same location. The tracks used to be up where I'm standing but were altered when the track was relaid up to the C&P Frostburg Depot. (1968, Don Biggs photo)

I combined these two photos by Don Biggs at C&P's Upper Switchback and WM's mainline at Number Nine. Looks as if there are crossties in the ground between the two railroads. Maybe this was the original connection between the two railroads? The C&P bridge can be seen in the distance up the WM Mainline. (1968, Don Biggs photos) I went back on 7-14-12 to get some updated photos, here is what I could get at this location.

Another view looking up the grade at the upper switchback in the snow. Then the C&P Mainline at the same location in early 1988. (1968 Don Biggs photo/1988 Al Moran photo)

Looking up and down the remains of the former C&P Switchbacks on 7-14-12.

The C&P Mainline downgrade around curve from from the Upper switch back at Number Nine. (1968, Don Biggs photo) I walked a short ways down the switchback from Number Nine myself on 7-14-12.

On the WM

WM GP35 3580 leads SD40 7496 and an FB and F7A on a train up and passed the connecting switch to the C&P at Number Nine. (1968 Don Biggs photos)

Riding up along side a section of the original WM second main track. The track is missing rail joints and ties plates in a lot of places. This track was later used as the eastbound passing track when the double track was removed from State Line Jct. west to Colmar. Shame to see it in such bad shape. Wish the entire passing track was still intact, it would make for some good photo freight shots. I believe the normal practice is to pull up rails from areas not needed and relay where they are needed. (12-18-11)

Looking west and east on the now abandoned WM Connellsville Mainline on August 29, 1996. The rails were pulled up from the WM Mainline from here to Borden Tunnel and relayed up the C&P mainline to the Frostburg Depot. These recently relayed tracks are now used by the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. The fromer WM Mainline is now a hiking trail, referred to as "The Great Allegheny Passage".

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