46 car capacity at 40 ft. each.

Consolidated Coal Mine No.1. (thanks to Randall Richardson for photo)

Another photo of the mines at Ocean. These are loaded mine carts to be transferred to rail cars. (thanks to Randall Richardson for photo on the C&P. The GC&C mainline is up o the hillside but never was allowed to serve the Consol Coal company. (thanks to Randall Richardson for photo)

Snow covers the ground at Ocean. In this photo the Klondike Road crossing warning lights both are intact. The one on the right would later be knocked down in the next few years.

Two photos taken inthe fall of 1978 of a Cheesie System train crew switching out loads with empties at the eastern end for the coal loader around the bend at Neff Run. These photos were taken from Klondike Road pictured above and below. At this time there were about 1/2 dozen active loaders on the Georges Creek Sub. It took a crew all day to switch out up to 100 loads. The mini-coal boom only lasted about 6-8 years, but it was a busy railroad while it lasted. (photos and info by Warren Jenkins)

These photos were taken on October 9, 2010. The call box has been pushed over and the other RR Crossing lights have been pushed over and are now gone. Guessing these were pushed over during the big snows during the first of the year.

Looking west towards the crossing at Ocean, MD. This part of the C&P hasn't been used in some time as weeds, gravel, and debris cover parts of the track. (10-31-05)

Looking east on the weed grown tracks just as the railroad begins to exit a cut. (10-31-05)

Looking again down in the cut along the tracks at Ocean 5years after the previous photos. (10-09-10)

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