Consolidated Ocean No.1 Mine/Neff Run

46 car capacity at 40 ft. each.

Consolidated Coal Mine No.1 in 1907. (thanks to Randall Richardson for photo)

More photos of the mine at Ocean. The first shows loaded mine carts to be transferred to rail cars. The GC&C mainline is up on the hillside but never was allowed to serve the Consol Coal Company. The Consol Coal Company built the C&P RR to haul coal to market by way of the B&O and Cumberland and Keyser. (thanks to Randall Richardson for photos)

B880 in the big curve between Midland and Ocean. The train is about to cross the C&P bridge over Neff Run. The large field is all that remains of the former Ocean No.1 Mine pictured in the photos above. A lot was changed when the road was reconstructed on the hillside here. Even the GC&C RR right-of-way was bulldozed away. (Al Moran photo)

Ocean No.1 Mine Power House, Engine House, and Machine Shop in 1968/69. These buildings were right up on the hillside next to old Rt.36. (Don Biggs photos)

First photo is the mine entrance at the end of the machine shop. Second photo is the main mine entrance under old Rt. 36. This entrace lead to the tipple by arrow guage mine track. (1968/69, Don Biggs photos)

Narrow gage mining track leading from the mine entrance under old Rt.36 to the tipple. (1968/69, Don Biggs photos)

The mining track curves out onto the tipple. (1968/69, Don Biggs photos)The mine tracks separate to reach the tipple that is to the left. (1968/69, Don Biggs photos)

The mining track curves out onto the tipple. The second photo shows the spur that lead to the tipple at the mine. All is now gone.(1968/69, Don Biggs photos)

Looking at the end of the tipple from down at track level. Notice the conveyor on the right that comes out of the tipple. This conveyor may have been used to load more tha one car at a time on the one track. (1968/69, Don Biggs photos)

Views of the western and eastern side of the tipple from the loading tracks. (1968/69, Don Biggs photos)

This photo was taken about midway between Rt.36 and the railroad tracks. The photo is looking west into the field at the former location of the Consol No.1 Mine seen in the may photos above. Passing by this site on the road today one would have no idea what once was here unless had seen the photos above or the buildings themselves many years ago.

Looking east and west from the former switch location for the western end of the siding for the former Neffs Run Mine. Neffs Run passes under the bridge here. (10-28-12, Blair Williamson photos)

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