There must have been a rather large tipple where the Phoenix Mine Siding was located. At one time in the area between Morrison and Phoenix, a pile of mining rail and mining wheel sets could be found. There also was a gravity track that fed the mine. The remains of this can be seen on the abandoned section of old Rt. 36 in this area. There is a small bridge that does not go over any stream. This was where the gravity track came off the mountain to dump coal at the tipple. That short piece of track that was left must have been all that remained of the trackage to the larger tipple. Once the construction went through to rebuild Rt. 36, everything was destroyed. (Info from Don Biggs)

Looking east up the crick at the switch to the Phoenix Mine Siding. (1968, Don Biggs photo)

Two photos at Phoenix, the first looking west at the switch for the Phoenix Mine Siding. The second photo is about the same location, also looking east. Notice one of the two longer cross-ties that once was for the switch stand still remains in this 7-14-12 photo. In this photo a few of the longer cross-ties that once carried the siding itself still remain a few feet up from the switch stand cross-tie.(1968, Don Biggs photo)

Looking west from just passed the former switch location at Phoenix. (7-14-12)

The view west down the crick from just acroos from the truck dump at Phoenix. I took a photo on 7-14-12 looking west about the same location. (1968, Don Biggs photo)

Photo at Phoenix looking west just east of the Phoenix Mine Siding. (1968, Don Biggs photos)

A Sperry car is east running up "the crick" and has just passed Phoenix Mine Siding and is entering Morrison. Notice the WM hoppers and truck dump behing the Sperry car. (1971, Don Biggs photo)

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