Piedmont, WV is across the Potomac River from Westernport, MD. The C&P once crossed the river and curved left to join the B&O here at the station.

Don Biggs' father photographed Piedmont from the hillside in Maryland.

Another photo I combined to make one that overlooks Piedmont. Notice the C&P bridge over the Potomac River to Westernport. Don Biggs' father took 3 photos in the 30's and 40's.

A photo looking from Piedmont towards Westernport during the 1924 flood. Pictured here is the road bridge wreckage in the river, while onlookers are on the remaining span. The next photo is of the steel railroad bridge being erected over the Potomac between Piedmont and Westernport on October 1, 1924. This bridge was the replacement for the railroad bridge that was also washed out in the March 1924 flood. This same flood damaged the nearby paper mill(The West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company at the time) and put the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal out of business for good. (thanks to Don Biggs for finding these images)

A very old photo from Piedmont looking at a train on the bridge to Westernport.

WM GP9 No.36 is in Chessie piant and renumbered to 6411 at Piedmont, WV. (Don Biggs photo)

Western Maryland SD35 7436 is seen in Chessie System paint as it heads west on the B&O at Piedmont. (Don Biggs photo)

This is the B&O/C&P Station in Piedmont. The B&O had a yard and roundhouse here at one time where the blue build in the distance now stands. The station also at one time had a second story that was a signal tower. The C&P tracks once ran to the right of the station where the red pickup is parked in the photo. (1.14.2012)

A very early photo of the Piedmont station still in use by the C&P. A C&P passenger train is also at the station. (thanks to Don Biggs for finding this photo) Next another look at the same station in Piedmont. The C&P tracks had curved right alongside the brick station platform. A few buildings and some townhouses now sit on the right-of-way. I bet CSX would like to have this connection back, it would be easier access to the track up "the crick". (1.14.2012)

A CSX coal train passes the station as it drifts down the grade into Piedmont. (12-14-13)

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