Waverly Street

CSX train heading west down the C&P and into Westernpor right after the '97? flood. (Al Moran photo)

West view from Waverly Street in 1968. The siding is for a small lumber yard. The switch and siding was removed when the WM relaid the C&P mainline with welded rail in the late 1970's. Second photo is looking east towards the Waverly Street crossing. (1968, Don Biggs photos)

Looking east from Waverly Street in 1968. Look how much this location has changed compared to the photo below. (1968, Don Biggs photo)

WM crossing at Waverly St. as it curves between Westernport and Franklin. (1.14.2012)

Looking west and east from the west end of the passing track at Franklin. The C&P Shop tracks and wye also branched off the siding. (1968, Don Biggs photos)

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