C&P's WM Crossings

Looking east and west on the C&P Mainline near the 2nd C&P crossing of WM's Connellsville Mainline. These photos were taken in 1968/69, the rails were pulled up in 1972. Shame that the rails were ever pulled up to begin with, these rails were made in the late 1880's. (Don Biggs photos)

Looking east on the WM Connellsville Subdivision at the 2nd C&P bridge over the WM. Notice the 1st C&P bridge in the distance. I took a photo looking west up the former WM mainline from a Western Maryland Scenic Railroad train on December 18, 2011.

Construction on the WM Connellsville Subdivision at the new upper bridge that would soon carry the C&P over the new WM line.

WMSR 2-8-0 no.734 drifts downgrade and is about to cross the upper C&P bridge over the WM also photographed from down on the WM on 7-14-12.

Don Biggs photographed this WM westbound led by f-units as it approached the 2nd C&P crossing bridge. Don said that the engine crew thought he was going to bomb them with a snowball from the looks on their faces when the lead engine passed. He gave them a hearty wave instead. (1968, Don Biggs photo) Second photo is also looking east down into the cut from the upper C&P bridge on 7-14-12.

The tail end of a westbound WM freight is passing under the 1st or lower C&P crossing bridge. I took a photo while onbound a WMSR passenger train. This photo is looking down on the abandoned C&P Mainline as it passed under the now abandoned WM Mainline at the lower C&P bridge. (Don Biggs photo)

Looking west up the grade on the C&P mainline at the 1st or lower crossing on the WM mainline. (Don Biggs photo) Same location but on 7-14-12 and after that track ran been pulled up and relaid. This photo is looking down grade from atop the bridge where as the first photo is looking up the grade towards the bridge. Notice how the track is shifted on the bridge in the first photo.

This photo was taken from down on the WM mainline looking west at the bridge. The C&P ran under the WM here also. The safety rails in the WM track are for this bridge over the C&P upper switchback. (Don Biggs photo) second photo is again looking up at the C&P bridge from the former WM Mainline but on 7-14-12.

I originally thought the track here was relaid just off its original path of the switchback to now connect for the WMSR operation. I have learned that this right-of-way and cut pictured in the second photo once lead to Consol #9 Mine, hence "Switch #9". Consol #9 opened in 1902 and apparently shut down during the 1930's Great Depression. The mine had 2 run-through loading tracks which extended around the curve and reentered the C&P main just short of the #9 switch. (Thanks to Warren Jenkins for the info on this right-of-way and Consol #9.)(7-14-12)

Looking down on the C&P mainline between the switchbacks as it runs downgrade from Switch No. 9 and passed under the WM Connellsville Mainline. (1968, Don Biggs photo) Similar photos with a lot more trees in the photo was taken on 7-14-12. First is looking up at the WM bridge from the abandoned C&P, and second looking of the abandoned WM at the abandoned C&P.

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