Formerly "Allegany"

The C&P crossing of New Hope Road, at Zihlman. The photos are looking west and east in 1968. (Don Biggs photos)

Looking west up the former C&P mainline from the location of the switch into the brick yard and spur at Zihlman on March 9, 2013.

Looking west from the switch on the former C&P Mainline down the spur into the brickyard at Zihlman. The second photo was taken long after removal of the bridge here and tracks. (1968, Don Biggs photo)(3-9-2013)

These photos are looking east down the mainline at the switch for the brick yard and spur at Zihlman in 1968 and on March 9, 2013 after abandoment. (1968 photo, Don Biggs)

Down on the spur to the Zihlam brick yard looking west and east from the Rt. 36 road crossing. (1968, Don Biggs photos)

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