Hagerstown Shops

Hagerstown Shops

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At Hagerstown the Western Maryland had a large roundhouse and shop buildings. Similar facilities were located at Maryland Jct., Elkins, Connellsville, and other locations but it a much smaller form. After the steam era ended on the WM, all locomotive major repairs were moved here at Hegerstown. The complex operated up until the mid 1970's when all work then moved to B&O's shops in Cumberland, Md. Hagerstown was downgraded to maintence. Later it hosted various steam locomotives that were sent here for rehabilitation. After the steam locomotives were finished and moved on the roundhouse feel into disuse. Vandles broke out windows and started small fires. The members of the Hagerstown Roundhouse then looked after the roundhouse with permission from CSX. Alot of work went into care for the buildings but deteriation of the roof and other structures deemed any repairs costly. CSX offerred the roundhouse to the City of Hagerstown but the price tag was too great and the time span too short to rasie enough funds. The roundhouse and surronding shop buildings and structure were then bulldozed to the ground one at a time. CSX did however donate the turntable to the Roundhouse Museum. It is now on display at Hagerstown. Rumor has it it will be transferred to Elkins where the WVC plans to rebuild part of the yard and roundhouse at Elkins.

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WM's last diesel to be delivered in WM paint, GP40 3799 sits along side the fuel tanks on the Hagerstown ready tracks. I had a chance to purchase this engine while in the dead line at CSX Huntington, WV Shops. Now the scrap prices are too high and he has since been converted to a road slug, at least she wasn't scrapped. (Mason Cooper photo)

WM's only passenger car to be painted red/white/black, 1700 was purchased from the C&O. It is pictured here along with RS3 185. 1700 after Chessie would later go back to C&O paint and may be still around today. (Mason Cooper photo)

WM BL2 7182 (formerly 82) along with slug 139-T have just road the turntable are are heading into the roundhouse stall. (Mason Cooper photo)

A view of the roundhouse complex in April 1975. By this time all locomotive repairs and maintence had been moved to B&O's Cumberland Locomotive Shop. (photo by Mason Cooper)

These two photos by Mason Y. Cooper were taken inside the roundhouse during rebuilding work on steam locomotive 614. The roundhouse was the site of steam mlocomotive work during the Chessie era.

Hagerstwon Roundhouse on August 1979, looks as if C&O 614 was damaged by a fire. Another shot alongside some Chessie geeps at the roundhouse. (Jack Brown photos)

An aerial view of the Hagerstown shop complex during the 1980's (photo from Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum site, click link above to visit that site).

It's April 1998 and the time is numbered for the back shop buildings and the shop office. Demolition has already been scheduled when I took these photos.

This old "Fast Freight Line" logo was up on a wall on the back shop building. It would be turned to rubble when the building was bulldozed down in the second photo. (1999, second photo by Joe Crocetta)

WM GP7 21 leads another WM GP9 perhaps somewhere on the B&O Brunswick-Hagerstown Branch Line in the Hagerstown area. Notice the black stripe above the fuel tank on the GP7 and compare it to the red on the other geep. (Mason Cooper photo)

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