Gettysburg/B70.7 Gettysburg/B70.7

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WM's Gettysbrg station photographed on March 14, 1918. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for these old photos)

The watchmans shanty at Gettysburg. (thanks again to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for this photo)

WMRY Gettysburg Freight House photographed by Jack Brown on February 10, 1985.

Both ends of WM Gettysburg Freight House on 2-10-85. (Jack Brown photos)

Chessie GP40-2's lead a train west over Rock Creek at Gettysburg on April 1, 1978. (Doug Lilly Photo)

B&O GP30M switches cars at Gettysburg, PA. on October 17, 1984. (Mason Cooper Photo)

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