Jerome formally known as "Baird" was once the longest passing siding on the entire WM West Sub at 12,416ft. The passing siding had spring switches at both the East End (B136.4) and the West End (B138.8) with switch heaters and a set of crossovers in the middle at the train order office (B137.6). The WM also had a 486ft. side track here that was mostly used for maintance-of-way equipment. The train-order office when in use, operated 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily except Saturdays and Sundays until it was closed on September 1, 1959. It was never torn down by the Chessie System during abandoment in May 1975. It still is in good shape today and is a reminder of the WM mainline that once passed through here. There was once a connection with the B&O low line at the B137.0 milepost. It was later removed when the B&O abandoned the lowline in 1961.

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The WM rounds the curve from the East End of Jerome passing the B&O Connection Track and the B137 milepost. The double tracks then came to a set of crossovers midway along the section of double track. This is a signal base for a signal that controlled the eastern side of the crossover. There is a second signal base across the tracks or I should say, "remains" of a signal base. The signals were operated by the agent attending the Jerome Train-order office. (4-21-03)

Jerome and how it looked in 1915. This is a photo from the W.R.Hicks Collection and is of the Jerome train order shed and semi-fore signals. Note that this shed is on the south side of the tracks, opposite side of the later train-order office.

The first Jerome train order office also pictured above was on the south side of the track. (7-7-17, Thanks for Jim Coshun for photo)

This is what Jerome looked like in early 1971 when trains still passed reguraly. The office was closed in Sept 1959 but still looks to be in good shape here. The photo really shows how things have changed since 1971. (Arthur Bloch Photo)

The Western Maryland fireball logo on the wall of the train-order office in January 11, 1997.

The park service is offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who removed the fireball symbol from the Jerome train order office.

Another photo by Arthur Bloch taken at the Jerome train order office in 1971. The second photo shows the office in deteriorating in April 21, 2003.

The rear of the office slopes down the bank. There is a opening here for access under the office. Nothing is in the "basement", but I'm sure it is a home for snakes and other animals. (4/21/03)

Inside the Jerome train-order office on March 21, 2003. The paint is peeling and there's a hole in the roof where the stove pipe once was but overall it's in not to bad of shape. There is a closet in the back corner and most of the operators desk still remains. Still looking for a photo of the office inside and out while still in operation. (4-21-03)

Spring 2013

Wayne Norman visited the Jerome train Order Office in the Spring of 2013 and found it to be still standing. Above are the photos of it then, some things are missing and have deteriorated since the photos when I was last there 10 years ago. (Wayne Norman photos)

Looking west and east at Jerome on 2-9-14. The building has deteriorated very rapidly since I first visited here.

One last view at Jerome in decent shape before we leave the area. (Thanks for Jim Coshun for photo)

The western side of the former crossovers along the section of double track was controlled by a signal that stood on this base. A lid to a battery cellar is also shown here, it now rests beside the signal base. Off to the right of the roadbed stands a WM power/telephone pole that has still standing somewhat. (4-21-03)

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