This old "KEMPS" sign is all that remains here today. The double track was removed by the Chessie System in the 1980's along with all the signals. There is a short industrial track just west of the road crossing at Kemps that once served some businesses. The businesses are served by trucks today. Kemps is located midway up the 1.75% grade on Williamsport Hill. Trains speeding west past Williamsport usually are slowed to a crawl by the time they reach Kemps as there entire train is now on the Hill.

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CSX Q016 rounds the curve at the former road crossing at Kemps on January 26, 2019 at 1152 am. This grade crossing was the former alignment of State Route 63.

A CSX train rounds the curve into Kemps as it slowly grinds up the hill. The freight cars are passing the old "KEMPS" sign pictured above. A road crossing used to cross here as well in earlier days. This crossing was later removed when the overhead bridge was built.

Three of the four WM FA's and two RS3's push as WM coal train up the hill passing Kemps. Looks like the busy days as both tracks are stll down through Kemps. (photo by unkown person)

CSX D721 is downgrade at Kemps on January 6, 2019 on this rainy day.

Later all FA's are now assigned to helper service assisted by SD40 7449. The red, white, and black paint really looks good on the SD40 and FA2 r/n 304. FA 304 was rebuilt at the Hagerstown Locomotive Shops with upgrades. The locomotive was used all over the WM after being rebuilt. Later it too was joined with its sister FA's close by to Hagerstown should they fail on the hill. The pushers are drifting west down grade through Kemps on there way back to Williamsport to assist another eastbound WM train.

The same train photographed first was moving so slow oin the hill I had a chance to get another photo of it. This time the train is only a short distance up the hill passing the B91 milepost. This photograph really shows the 1.75% grade of Williamsport Hill.

CSX train D721 passes under the I-70 overpass as it heads down the hill towards Kemps. The switch in the foreground leads to the industrial track that once served a local business. This track is no longer used today.

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