Little Pool/B111.2

Little Pool/B111.2

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Little Pool in 1996. Little Pool is not referred to on any WM track chart. This relay box was most likely installed by the Chessie System or CSX Transportation after abandoment of thru train service in May 1975. It controlled a flashing railraod crossing to alert hikers crossing the tracks to reach the C&O Canal of approaching trains.

Looking west into the rapidly growing trees at Little Pool in Septemeber 1996. When this photo was taken no railtrail of any kind had been planned, however later in 1998 the WM right-of-way was much improved with the arrival of the Western Maryland Rail Trail.

This photo was taken in April 1988 at the access trail crossing for the C&O Canal towpath. Things have really changed. (photo by J. W. France)

The B111 milepost is just east around the small curve from Little Pool.

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