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Although there is no record of a signal here at Locher on the WM track chart I have, I found this base just as the WM right-of-way leaves the open area along Locher Rd. Maybe it was a relay box or a signal installed after my 1-1-69 track chart.

The abandoned houses and Western Maryland right-of-way along Locher Rd.

The WM right-of-way at the B118 milepost before and after completion of the Western Maryland Railtrail.

Very old photo looking east at the road and crossing at Locher Road.
Looking west on the WM main, one mile west of the W.E. of Hanock, along Canal Rd. Pictured below is what this location would look like 13 years later after the rails were gone. (photo by Brian Paulus)

Here is the first road crossing of the WM west of Hancock at Locher Rd(B117.6). Notice the crossbucks still remained in the first photo. The crossbucks were gone in June 2001 when I returned. In Nov. 2002 the WMRT had been completed and was open.

Although this is not a photo of the actual sign that once stood here. It is a made up replica of the sign. This "1 MILE" sign stood about 20 yards east of the crossbuck here. The post for the sign remained in the ground up until the WMRT was constructed through here. It was removed to construct the wooden fence here today. I plan to make an actual sign and place it in the ground here.

Same location as above before and during construction of Phase 2 of the WM Rail Trail on 2-24-02. It looks as if the right-of-way is graded for laying new rails.

Along Canal Rd. before and after completion of the WMRT.

Looking east at the B117 milepost. This location is just west of the former siganls that once marked the West End of the double track at Hancock.

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