Long's Cut/B150

Long's Cut/B150
The original Oldtown 1-mile sign restored and photographed in Oldtown. (Brian Paulus)

Long's Cut was named after the farm that is passes through just east of Oldtown.

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The WM curves away from Longs's Cut towards Oldtown on this small fill.

Looking west from down near the west end of Long's Cut. This location is also near the east end of the former passing siding at Oldtown. (10-10-03)

In June 1976 a Chessie track removal gang is working at the western side of Long's Cut. The passing siding is the the left of the main track and it appears the rails have already been pulled. It still looks as if the crossties are down, probaly still there today just like other abandoned WM sidings. Today the roadbed for the former WM mainline and passing track east of Oldtown is now in a cattle field. This area is reffered to as "Sunny Flats". The WM curves right down thru Long's Cut before running along the river and canal. The cut is at the house of Tom and Olive Long. This was also the site where the Kulp Railroad connected to the WM and the sawmill was built. (6/76-Brian Paulus photo)(10-10-03)

The East End of the Oldtown passing siding/storage track as stated on October 2, 1953. (Thanks to Jim Coshun for photo)

Looking weast into Long's Cut from the eastern end. I had rode west from Town Creek and came upon this fence across the right-of-way. The WM right-of-way however still is owned by the National Park Service. (April 2003)

The WM passes through this small cut after leaving Long's Cut. The WM then runs parallel to the C&O Canal. (April 2003)

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