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Q016 slowly approaches the crossing at Orchard Drive at 1354 pm as it pulls its train through the inter modal facility at Marathon back west a mile or so. This particular Q016 is very long and the CH SD70i leader will make it all the way east to the former Brandon Interlocking. (January 26, 2019)

The the WM crosses Orchard Drive at the H20 milepost as the tracks approach Brandon Interlocking. Second photo is looking back towards Orchard Drive from atop the WM signal bridge. (12-3-04)

The WM signal bridge was used for eastbound trains here at Brandon Interlocking. THe signals are dark but still haven't been taken down. (12-3-04)

WM section/tool house and the telegraph office that stood at Brandon in August 1918. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for the photos)

The WM Brandon relay box is down over the bank here at Brandon. The second photo is looking at the switch from atop the signal bridge. (12-3-04)

The old WM shanty once controlled Brandon Interlocking. Leter is was remotely controlled by Hagerstown during WM days. The sitch is now controlled manually by the CSX local that switches the Chambersburg Industries. (12-3-04)

Q016 was stopped here at Brandon Interlocking and now has began to back its train back towards the inter modal facility at Marathon as it preforms switching duites to put its train away on January 26, 2019 at 1403 pm.

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