Conboy/H14.2 Conboy/H14.2

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Looking west at Conboy. Here is the H14 mileost. (December 4, 2004)

The old WM signal at Conboy Interlocking. The road crossing was recently redone by CSX. (December 4, 2004)

Conboy Interlocking, June 1998.

An old telephone booth here at Conboy Interlocking on December 4, 2004.

Conboy telegraph office and tool house in August, 1918. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for these two photos)

Looking east and west on December 14, 2011. The interlocking has changed from automatic to a manual throw switch. The switch was even moved and changed and appears to no longer be a high speed switch. CSX now uses the track to the left for a short distance before it switched back to the track on the right just east of Altenwald.

It is now almost 2019 and the layout has yet again changed at Conboy. CSX stack train Q016 comes into Conboy and passed the falling apart telephone booth. As it curves away you can see that the switch to the former westbound main track has now been removed. (December 29, 2018 at 2:06 pm)

CSX train V810-26 approaches Conboy Interlocking in June 1998.

The new block signs were put up by CSX after the signals were turned off a year or two ago. The track to the left was the westbound main track. (December 4, 2004)

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