Fetterhoff Chapel Road/H15.3 fetterhouff Chapel Road/H15.3

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CSX train V810-26 climbs up the grade approaching Fetterholf Chapel Road in June 1998. The southbound main track is to the left in this photo. (June 1998)

Same location as the photo above but taken on December 4, 2004 and much later on December 14, 2011. The first photo shows how the track looked after being put out of service in favor of the westbound main. The second photo shows hot the eastbound main was cut and removed at the crossing. A switch was installed so trains can use the overpass at Altenwald and bypass the road crossing.

Here is how the track looks today at the Fetterholf Chapel Road Crossing. This photo shows how the two tracks were altered and a switch installed to form a small sidetrack. (December 14, 2011)

East of Fetterhoff Chapel Road once stood these signals on the WM. This photo was taken at a private road crossing for a farm house. The track on the left was the westbound track and is no longer used at this time. (December 4, 2004)

CSX stack train from Chicago, IL to Chambersburg, PA is eastbound at 1320 pm having just crossed Fetterhoff Chapel Road around the bend. It is running on the former westbound main track now after the track reconfiguration in 2011. Q016 has a CN SD70i leader today on January 26, 2019.

Looking west at the signals, these signals are at the H15.5 milepost. (December 4, 2004)

Now the signals are dark. The weed grown track in these two photos was the westbound track, no longer used by CSX yet still connected to the main line at New Franklin.

Again Looking east at the dark signals near Altenwald. In December, 2004 the CSX local to Chambersburg is the only train that traveled the line. Today container trains also share the track heading to and from the Chambersburg inland port. (December 4, 2004)

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