Guilford/H16.6 Guilford/H16.6

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We are looking north, or railroad east into the cut just west of Guilford, PA. in August 1918. In this photo the cut has not yet been widened for double track that would come later. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for the photo)

Looking west at Guilford. There is a WM telephone booth here beside the westbound track. Looks as if there was once a crossover here as the cross ties are longer to permit one. (December 4, 2004)

The guilford tool house and telegraph office, photographed in August, 1918. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for these photos)

Looking west at the Church Rd. crossing in Guilford. (December 4, 2004)

Looking west own the weed and tree grown westbound main track that hasn't been used in a year or two. The second siganls is for the eastbound track and in number 16.6. (December 4, 2004)

CSX train Q016 at Guilford on December 30, 2018 at 3:52pm. The former eastbound main track is still out of service but still intact.

Looking east from the eastbound main track at the H16.6 signal which is now dark in favor of track warrants. (December 4, 2004)

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