Pinola/H29.7 Pinola/H29.7

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The WM crosses Pinola Rd. in the small village of Pinola, PA. (12-3-04)

August, 1918 photos weretaken at Pinola and show a frame shed/stable and corn cribs. (thanks to mike yetter and Warren Hart for the photos)

The stock pens and the milk platform that was at Pinola in 1918. (thanks to mike yetter and Warren Hart for the photos)

Leaving Pinola west towards Lurgan, Rowe Rd leads away from Pinola and crosses the WM here about a mile west up the track. (12-3-04)

The WM "approach" signal just west of Lurgan. The "APP" means approach for this signal. The green indication has been blocked off so only the "approach" and "stop" indications can be viewed by trains. (12-3-04)

Signal H30.8 pictured here was put out of service some time ago by CSX when the westbound track was pulled up. The signal remained intact with only the mast being turned. (12-3-04)

The H30 milepost can be seen off to the right just before the road crossing. (12-3-04)

This is the first road crossing west of Lurgan on the WM. (12-3-04)

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