Reid/H4.6 Reid/H4.6

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The "Longmeadow Equipment Defect Detector" is just west of the Air view Road crossing and the H4 milepost. Around the bend ahead of the trail is Reid.

The double track WM looking west from the signal at Reid. A crossover was once here in WM days, long gone now. (12-3-04)

Another photo looking east at the Reid signal. (12-3-04)

This equipment to the right once controlled the crossover track and switches. The crossover was operated by air. Today the crossover is gone and the westbound track is no longer used. This track has been disconnected from the mainline and is taken out at most of the road crossings. (12-3-04)

This large feed mill is along the Wm at Reid. (12-3-04)

Train V810-26 passes the mill at Reid in June 1998.

CSX train U820 passes under the signal bridge at Reid in April 1997. The old WM REID sign still stands to the right of the train in this photo. Today the sign is gone, stolen by a rail fan.

Q016 at Reid on January 19, 2019 at 1206 pm. Part of the pole line still remains on a telephone pole for the county. Not much else remains from the WM era.

Q016 with CN SD70i leader at Reid on January 26, 2019.

Looking east at the signal bridge at Reidtown Rd. (12-3-04)

CSX Train V810-26 crosses Hollowell Church Road just after passing from Maryland into Pennsylavania. (June 1998)

Q016 crosses Hollowell Church Road on December 30, 2018 at 2:52 pm, eastbound for Chambersburg, PA.

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