Besides the WM, other railroad routes in "red" are also covered on this website.

I have put this website together over the past few years from photos I have taken while hiking along the abandoned railroad and others that were sent to me to post on the website. I have always been interested in trains as long as I can remember. I was first interested in the abandoned WM while in Boy Scouts as we hiked the C&O Canal which closely parallels the WM. I spent mostly all of the time up on the abandoned railroad. I've always found the large bridges, tunnels, and deep cuts very interesting. I've put toeghter a website on these photos along with historic photos and information along various railroad locations. I hope that this route can be saved from the continuously changing surroundings. It seems like every year another bridge is removed, right-of-way bulldozed away, another fence is put up, and weeds turn into trees.

One of my very first photos that I took on the WM's West Sub is shown to the left. I was under 18 years old and in Boy Scouts as you can see the other Scouts up on the bridge with me. Notice the thru-truss bridge over the C&O Canal can still be seen in the distance in this 1992 photo. We had a hiking/camping trip that weekend. We had hiked from Paw Paw to Town Creek on the C&O Canal and as stated above I walked most of the WM.

Please visit and consider joining the WESTERN MARYLAND RAILWAY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. The WMRHS has been the source of many great photos that are posted this website. The $30.00 membership dues include an annual pictorial calendar and quarterly news/reading publications. Membership also includes access to photos and information at the WMRHS headquarters in WM's Union Bridge Station and Freight Station. There is also a yearly convention, other activities, and monthly meetings you can attend. Please click the WMRHS logo to the right for more info.

What's New?

Last updated: 2/27/19

2-27-19, Added pages in from Winchester, VA to Harrisburg, PA. on the Cumberland Valley Railroad. The original route, not the Reading that NS operates. Maps and some info added as I have never been north of Shippensburg on the CVRR nor out much on the CVRR above Hagerstown. If anyone has any interesting images of trains along this route, please share and I will add. Looking for CVRR, Pennsylavania RR, Penn Central, Conrail, and NS photos of trains, stations, etc. along this line. I will get up that way hopefully before summer to get some photos of trackage and the trail.

2-12-19, Chased CSX Hanover Sub Local from Hagerstown to Highfield and return on Saturday morning February 9th, then 2 trains on the way home on the N&W Shenandoah Line. The photos added on the East Sub pages mostly from Hagerstown to Highfield.

2-4-19, Photos added on the Lurgan sub from Reid north to Zumbo and on the N&W at Town, St. James, Ranson, Charlestown, Rippon, and Pigeon Hill.

1-28-19, Added photos I took of the former hump buildings at WM's Jamison Yard in Hagerstown on January 26, 2019. Chased 2 trains too and will add those east from NC Crossing to Edgemont on the East Sub then from Big Pool Jct up to Brandon Interlocking in Chambersburg, PA.

1-21-19, Added more CSX photos on the West, East and Lurgan Subs of trains D721, Q016 and B708. A new page in Hagerstown on the N&W called "Hager tower" added along with a handful of photos south to Rivertown Jct. A few of those photos are of the last circus train in May 2017 at "Rippon".

1-16-19, Uploaded a handful of photos of a short chase of a Winchester & Western train north out of Winchester on the former Cumberland Valley Railroad(CVRR) trackage. Photos posted on the Clearbrook, Ridgeway, and Bunker Hill pages on the "Cumberland Valley RR" menu list.

1-8-19, Added older WM slides I acquired to pages on the Connellsville Sub and West Sub. Paid over $100 ea for two of the slides. Lots of recent CSX photos added between Cherry Run and Zumbro on the Lurgan Sub. More photos of recent WMRT construction at Indigo Tunnel and Little Orleans to Follow.

11-26-18, A bunch of steam and diesel photos added on the West Sub and Connellsville Subdivision . I have purchased a few slides laterly off ebay I may add as it has got to expensive to bid on any more. Will add those and attach a pic or two here.

8-28-18, Four photos submitted abd added at Bowest Yard. Photos taken by Bruce Bloomster of the recent new trackage layed in the former Bowest Yard. More work is yet to be completed.

2-27-18, A lot of photos on various pages added. I am leaving some out I know but here are a few of the pages, Maryland Jct. Shops, West Knobley Tunnel, Pinto, McKenzie, Westernport, WVC Jct. Others added on the Connellsville Sub(New Line), East Sub as well as along the N&W Shenandoah Sub from Shepardstown south towards White Post I beleive.
Still open for photo submissions if you have something you would like to share.

2-15-18, A bit of news, the WMRT is in the process of being extended west from the West End of Pearre to the 1st Potomac bridge im told. Indigo tunnel is still to be bypassed due to bats and unsure if the bridge will be included. I would hope the bridge would be used as to let people onto the bridge and a destination for the western end of the WMRT, not just a dead end before a spectular view. Photos above submitted today 2/15/18 by Josh Reed, Many thanks.

2-14-18, Added 2 photos on the C&P Frostburg Depot page of a WMSR deisel trip with the red,white, black WM painted GP30 No.501. Added a photo at Highfield, 2 trains passing at Cherry Run. More photos on the B&O Shenandoah Sub at Park Center Drive, Millwood Crossing, and the WW Jct pages. A photo on the Winchetser & Western along Rt.600, and finally two photos of NS trains passing on the N&W at Shenandoah Jct. I will be adding more of these non WM photos as I find them and I am trying to make more time to add to the website again.

1-17-17, Updated the Maryland Jct. Shops page and Knobmount Yard page on the Thomas Sub with photos both from Jim Coshun, Medford Trains, and from online.

1-4-17, A lot of pages updated starting at Indian Creek on the Connellsville Subdivision, then from Oldtown to Big Pool Jct on the West Subdivision. Updated pages to look better using a mobile device and some recent photos as well. Make the trip west from Big Pool Jct. and Enjoy...

12-26-16, Lots of photos added from the P&WV RR at Connellsville all the way to Lap east of Frostburg.

12-23-16, Updated the pages below with old WM photos courtesy of Jim Coshun and Medford Trains. Please visit the Medford Trains Facebook page for additional photos and model kits. The Medford Trains Website can be found by clicking the photo Oldtown Station model kit. On I've updated pages on the Connellsville Sub as follows; Rockwood, Garrett, Meyersdale, Keystone, Salisbury Viaduct, and Sand Patch. I have additional photos to add on most of the remaining locations.

12-21-16, Some old WM and some updated photos on 21st Bridge, McCoole, Town Creek, Long's Cut, Knuckles Cut, and Spring Gap. I will work west to Maryland Jct. then
return to Town Creek and work east down the main adding some interesting and neat photos I've saved. Trying to get back onto updating the site as can per work schedule.

12-16-16, Added a few Norfolk Southern/Conrail photos on the N&W Shenandoah Division pages at White Post, Waterloo, Audley, Gaylord, Rippon, and Charlestown. I was out on the WM Thomas Sub at 21st bridge and McCoole so may add a few photos of the right-of-way clearing.

1-20-16 In the process of adding photos submitted by Randall Richardson along the C&P and GC&C railroads. So far photos added at Winchester, Carlos Junction, Midland, and Barton. Many more to come as I get time to add them. Thanks

4-20-15, Added 3 photos submitted by Curt Beal that were recently taken at the former WM Bowest Yard. The yard is being cleaned up to be reused by a rail road again. I am unsure of the planned track layout for the new rail yard. Thanks to Curt Beal for taking these photos.

12-29-14, Added a few old images to the Edgemont page and the vidio below from Andy DeLauder. The video was shot in 1966 and it's discription is below. I posted the video on its apporiate pages.

A 1966 home movie showing the Blue Mountain Express from Hagerstown to Cumberland through Paw Paw bends. First movie clip shot from train is rounding the curve and crossing the 2nd Potomac bridge. Next exiting Stickpile tunnels west portal, then 3rd crossing with the B&O crossing. The block signal is the east end of the double track at Jerome, and then the 4th crossing at Magnolia. Last clip is a brief glimpse of Maryland Junction. (video from Andy DeLauder)

10-15-14, Nothing much new, just been working my way west from Cumberland on the Connellsville Sub fixing errors and updated the type on each page. Also making the maps and photos smaller so they are "smart phone friendly". I did add two photos of the WMSR on the Parkersburg Road page. I realized I didn't have any recent photos with the track being moved from the westbound to the eastbound main. Anyway I believe I have made it far as Rockwood Jct. and have to do that page and west of there next. If anyone has any photos on the Connellsville line you'd like me to add please send them. I'm looking for anything WM and even Chessie and N&W. I found some photos of WM and N&W trains passing at Sand Patch on the rrpictures site. Very neat photos there at Sand Patch, just search Sand Patch I believe on the rrpictures page. Also would like any recent photos of Pinkerton Tunnel, I read they are to start restoring it soon and open it to trail traffic. later, jeremy

9-15-14, These three photos were submitted from David Lawrence Scally and taken near the B124 milepost east of Tonoloway around April 1987. The photos show the damage of a prior landslide that closed what was to be know as "Old Deneen Road". Deneen Road was bypassed around the landslide and most of the eastern part of the road was abandoned west from the WM road crossing to the east of this location. Again its 1987 and the tracks are still down from Big Pool Jct. to Tonoloway. The first photo is looking west towards Tonoloway, and the next two eastbound and trackside. The above photos were added to the "B124" page on the West Sub.

8-25-14, Five photos added along the Nessles Quarry Branch on the Charlton page. These photos are from Harry Spades family collection. Next 3 photos added on the York Sub at spring Grove from Jack Brown.

8-12-14, A photo added that was sent from Warren Hart. the photo was taken by a friend on one of there many trips up and down the roadbed shortly after the rails had been removed. The bridge is the 5th crossing at Bevan Bend. Next two photo added at Hanover submitted by Wayne Norman.

5-29-14, Photos submitted and added on the Indigo Tunnel page, Midland page on the GC&C RR, Borden Yard - Midland - Piedmont pages on the C&P RR.

5-18-14, More Southern and B&O stuff added, sorry WM fans. I will have to check with my father and see if he has any WM units out on the B&O at the locations I've just added. Ok, visited Fishers Hill on the Southern Railway first, photos of the rail-banked severed track at the B64 milepost, bridge, and station. Next went to Strasburg Jct, Cedar Creek bridge on the Meadow Mills page of the B&O, Middletown, and finally Valcluse Station which has been abandoned 70 years now.

5-17-14, Some more of those small imgaes mentioned below added on the Southern Railway at Strasburg, Riverton, and points east to Linden, VA.

5-16-14, Added photos and new maps on the B&O Shenandoah Sub/Valley Line from Harpers Ferry and all the way to Weyers Cave, VA. This route includes the Southern Railway between Strasburg Jct. and Harrisonburg, VA. Look for some interesting photos on the Capon Road and Edinburg page. Now only thing is most of the scans of slides I did turned out to be a very small file size so the images may not be as clear. I didn't realize this until I had scanned all the CSX, SOU, and up the N&W from Shenandoah to Ashby. Those on the Southern and N&W I will add when get more free time.

5-12-14, Got a chance to drive by Fulton and Walbrook Junction this passed Saturday, took a quick east/west pic at Fulton Jct. before heading to Walbrook Jct. to walk around up on the WM a bit. Posted those photos already on the site. Ran outta time so didn't get to visit locatuions west of Walbrook.

Took a few photos on the B&O Shenandoah Sub at Capon Road and Strasburg Jct., then onto the Southern at Fishers Hill, Tom's Brook, and Edinburg. I will be adding those images either later tonight or on 5-13-14., enjoy, Jeremy Cooper

5-5-14, I have added 3 photos and some info to the Blue Mountain page on the East Sub. Ihave finished updatingthepages east from Emory Grove to Hillen Station. I have to go back and look through the old photos and see if I have missed anything to add. Very interested in visiting Fulton and Walkbrook Jct. if i can on my trip to Aberdeen this weekend. I have to try and dig up some photo from Walkbrook to Penna Station on the PRR/WM to add. Next updates will be on the Tide Sub from Walbrook Jct. to Port Covington.

Added some info and new images on the West End of Pearre(W.E. Pearre) page as well as the West York, York, and Thomasville pages on the York Sub. I have added some of the old 1918 photos now east from Highfield on East Sub to Union Bridge, onto Emory Grove is next.

4-30-14, The York Sub and Hanover Subdivison pages are now complete and updated with type and the old 1918 photos. Some new pages were added on the East and Hanover Subs, as I found old locations on track charts that I didn't have listed in the menu. I have started working west towards Hagerstown now. I have just updated the Pen Mar page and finally got around to adding the Pen Mar Park photos I had. After some more updateing I will continue working west from Pen Mar, Afton, Edgemnont, etc. Then east from Highfield to Emory Grove. Some of the new images I've added are on the Pen Mar, Highfield, Fairfield, Gettysburg, New Oxford, Hanover, Sinsheim, Brodbeck, Glenville, and Millers pages that I can remember. If you have any photos on the Hanover Sub, York, or East Sub and would like to share them please send them to my work email address; and I will add them as time permits. I do not have anything myself east of Gettysburg and what little I have is already posted. Chessie and CSX is fine to send, does not to be WM.

4-27-14, Presently working on adding the York Subdivision pages, maps, etc to the website. After the York Sub has been finished I will concentrate on Hanover, PA. east to Emory Grove. If anyone has any info or photos they are willing to share please send to one of my emails and I can add whatever you may have to the various pages. This area of the WM is very far away for me so I personally do not have any WM/Chessie/CSX/York Rail photos to post. Thanks, Jeremy

4-25-14, Finished updated the Lurgan Sub pages from New castle to Shippensburg. Added more old photos on the Shippensburg, Pinola, Culbertson, Chambersburg, Brandon, Guilford, and Wingerton pages.

4-24-14, Updated pages on the Lurgan Subdivision from NC Tower to New Franklin. Three new pages created between those two locations and various photos added. Thanks to Jared Wagaman for two photos and Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for the old "1918 validation photos".

4-17-14, More photos added on the Waynesboro Branch. Photos added at Elbrook, Five Forks, Prices Trestle, and Waynesboro. Again, thanks to Jared Wagaman, Mike Yetter, and Warren Hart for sending and sharing the photos.

Also added text and the black and white photo above from 1917 to go with the second photo from 2010. These photos are on the Connellsville Subdivision's, Harnedsville page.

4-14-14, Got two photos along the Waynesboro Branch so I've just created the pages in the menu to the left(under Lugan Sub) for the entire Waynesboro Branch. If anyone has any photos along this branch either rails down or abandoned, please share I will add them and give you credit. I am really wanting to see how Waynesboro looked with both the WM and PRR tracks down as well as Prices Trestle. As of 4-15-14, more photos of the Waynesboro, Geiser, and Welty pages have been added. Thanks to Jared Wagaman, Mike Yetter, and Warren Hart for sending and sharing the photos.

I've also been fixing errors and type, making images smaller for cell phone viewers, adding topo maps and satellite images to West Sub pages from about Pearre to Ernstville so far.

4-4-14, Added the article to the left and a story on the Colam page. The article and story are from Warren Jenkins about a hiking trip that probably contributed to the article in the newspaper. Also added 2 photos from Warren took in Fall of 1978 of a Chessie crew switching the Neff Run coal loader from the road crossing at Ocean.

Also added the above 3 photos that Don Biggs had found, they are very neat so I have posted them here and on the C&P "Piedmont" page.

4-3-14, Added a bunchof photos submitted by Cody Haer. First at Pinker Tunnel, Hagerstown, Ernstville, State Line Bridge, Mount Savage and Queen City on the C&P RR. lastly 2 photos on the B&O at Hancock, WV. and McKenzie, Md. Thanks for sharing these photos for others to view.

I added the 3 photos below on the Southern Railway pages. I have an entire 3 ring binder of slides to scan on the Southern, N&W, and B&O. When I get those scanned I will add them as well. These other railroad pages are more to show you photo locations so you can rail fan these since most of the WM has been abandoned.

4-1-14, Added a photo of the old tramway tunnel, also reffered to as "the lost tunnel" which most people do not know it exist under the WM about 300 feet of the east portal of Borden Tunnel. Some switching action at 21st bridge in 1978, and a Southern SD40-2 on an NS train on the N&W RY at Riverton Jct. in 1989. All these photos taken and contributed by Warren Jenkins.

3-27-14, Added two photos at Colamr of a WM train with mid-train helpers in April 1975 approaching Big Savage Tunnel. Photos were taken by Warren Jenkins on his and his friends first of many "railfan campouts". Correct info added on the WM crossings page about Consol Mine #9 and a roadbed to the mine that I thought was the old C&P roadbed. A postcard photo of the famous WM wreck at Hancock in 1911 added as well. I have other stuff just need to locate them.

2-12-14, Added two photos at Jerome, one photo of the WM over the B&O near Hndstrote("B&O Crossing"), and a third photo at Bowest Jct. on the Connellsvillesub. Still in the ptocess of adding B&O/CSX stuff mentioned below on 2-10-14.

2-10-14, Drove my M35A2 army truck west on the B&O from Hancock to Paw Paw on Sunday 2-9-14. Took some photos to be added yet along the B&O. Also some photos on the WM at Sideling Hill, E.E. Jerome, Jerome, and the 4th Potomac River bridge. Only added the Sideling Hill photo and the ones at the 4th Crossing on the WM, B&O photos will be added as I work west adding them.

2-6-14, Added 2 photos of a CSX/WM train coming off the B&O on the new track configuration at Cherry Run then crossing the icy Potomac River seen in the photo. Those two photos were added on the B&O's "Cherry Run/Miller" page. Other photos added at West Cumbo, North Mountain, Sleepy Creek, and Hancock, but those are B&O trains on the B&O. ALIGN="right">

1-30-14, photos submitted and added on the Welton Tunnel, Salisbury Viaduct, Meyersdale, Keystone Viaduct, and Big Savage Tunnel pages. Some early black and white photos and one of the Maple Sugar Express stopped at Meyersdale. Neat photo of the east portal of Welton Tunnel during construction of the airport runway expansion. Thanks to Cody Haer for sending these photos to be viewed. More photos added from Don Biggs of WM locos on the B&O. Those images are on the following newly created B&O pages; Cumberland, Cumberland Shops, Kessler, Hancock, and Martinsburg. Now the new B&O pages are pretty bare, just a topo map and a photo if any at all. If you have any photos of WM locomotives or trains on foreign rails or on the Chessie System I can add them if you don't mind sharing them with others. I didn't used to pay attention to Chessie stuff now WM Chessie locomotives are gone and even WM locos still on CSX trains are getting rare to catch. I will add those as well, of the WM survivors in action.

1-27-14, An article on the future of the abandoned WM right-of-way between Pearre and Paw Paw online. Click on the following link

1-25-14, photos submitted and added on the Hampshire, Pinto, North Branch, and Williaamsport Branch pages. Photos taken by Don Biggs between 1970 and 1978. Few more to add when I create the B&O pages for them.

1-23-14, Added a photo submitted by John Bonney of the original timetable that once hung on either the Midland or Lonaconing station of the George's Creek & Cumberland Railroad. Also some photo added on the B&O pages at McKenzie and Knobley Tunnel, all under the Patterson Creek Cutoff title. All the B&O photos submitted by Cody Haer. Thank you both for sharing the photos.

1-20-14, Just finished adding pages on the N&W from Hagerstown to Shenandoah, Va. and on the Southern Railway from Manassas to Broadway, Va. The Southern line continues south to Harrisonburg and Staunton, Va. Once the line reached Lexington under B&O operation as was surveyed and graded to the N&W main west of Roanoke. I have photos on the N&W and Sou lines and I will add them when I get the slides scanned. I just got the pages up with the maps on each if anyone was curious and wondered why no info or photos were posted.

1-13-14, Created some pages on the B&O RR, mainly to add some WM photos of trains running on the B&O after the WM was abandoned. Some photos added on the Patterson Creek(B&O), Cherry Run/Miller(B&O), and Cumbo Yard/West Cumbo(B&O) pages. The Cumbo Yard page is listed on the menu under the Winchester & Western RR as Cumbo Yard once was shared and connected to the CVRR/Conrail Winchester Secondary. I still need to figure how I will list all these W&W/B&O pages on the website. I may have link to each railroad on the menu that takes you to a new webpage similar to the WMRY page.

1-8-14, NOT WMRY but adding at the bottom of the menu to the left a few locations on the Winchester & Western Railroad. I used to take photos on the W&W and had stopped after the ALCO's were cut up or sold. The W&W is the closest railroad to my home other than the B&O Shenandoah Sub. I will not post when I've added W&W stuff because the main focus of the site is the WMRY.

1-2-14, Not much new, just added some maps and pages on the Huttonsville Sub south from Elkins. Added the "Valley Bend", "Mill Creek", and "Huttonsville" pages to the menu. Now I just need to find some info on when the line was removed and photos if possible.

12-30-13, Few old photos from The Baltimore County Library collection added to the site. These photos are all on the East Sub at Emory Grove, Pikesville, Sudbrook, and Hillen Station. One photo of some tornado damage to Paul's Foundry in Frostburg along the C&P also added.

12-18-13, Made two pages and added photos from Wayne Norman on the "Reading RR" page at Rutherford, PA. and the "Heinz" page. One more photo of the Reading pushers at Hagerstown Yard added and another photo of F7 no.61 to add when I can find out its location. Added 3 photos from Spring 2013 of the Jerome Train Order Office that still is standing. Finally a photo added of WMSR 734 at Frostburg in the Blizzard of 2012. Thanks Wayne for sharing the photos.

4-22-13, Added some submitted photos from Darren Talbert and Ron Stafford onto the Mt. Airy and Dunlap pages on the GCE Sub. The tracks were sold by CSX in 1997 after sitting idle for a few years. Those tracks have since been taken back over by the field grass and forest in many locations. The trackage west of Laurel Bank is said to be removed to be relay the Durbin Sub if a grant is approved by the state of West Virginia. I have some more photos at some farm grade crossings but have trouble placing there exact location. I really like the photo of the CSX GP4O-2's on these WM rails were only 1st generation locos ran.

4-22-13, Went up to the WM and took some photos, added them on the Koontz Mine, Lonaconing Switchback, Detmold, and Dawson(WM Thomas Sub Dawson). The trip up Koontz Hollow to Koontz Mine only turned out to be the former site of the mine, now having been "reclaimed". Did get to photograph that factory just below the Koontz Mine site. The factory is an old brick plant. Learned that it was built in 1912, shipped its one and only rail car of bricks in 1914, and then ceased operations due to overwhelming competition. Only one roof rafter still stands in its place compared to the 1969 photos. The brick walls are also beginning to lean and may soon fall into the building. By the looks of the bricks. They were most likely from the brick works in Mount Savage. Other photos added just west of the switch back also on the GC&C towards and at the first mine site which is directly above the Lonaconing silk mill.

I had the 1969 photo taken by Don Biggs uploaded to the website long ago, dunno why the code was never written to include the photo. I had taken the second photo and wondered seeing an old photo at this location before. So here they both are now, two photos taken 44 years apart looking west at the switch for the Buffalo 5 mine up on the GC&C RR above Knapp's Meadow. (1969, Don Biggs photo)(4-12-2013)

4-18-13, Three photos added of the Koontz Mine up above Lonaconing on the GC&C RR. Also four photos also up Koontz Hollow of an abandoned brick factory building. If anyone knows anymore about this factory please let me know so I can post some more info on it. Looking for a name of the factory and perhaps what was made and dates or operation. The photos were taken in 1968 so I would think any traces of this mine and factory would be hard to find.

4-16-13, Ok I got to go up a few hours to Lonaconing to snoop around what was left of some of the GC&C above town. Had to create two new pages and move photos recently posted below to new pages(old links may now work now). New pages are named "Lonaconing Switchback" and "Charlestown" and have been created with some old and new photos. Those two pages can now be accessed in the menu to the left or the link at the bottom of the Gilmore page of the GC&C RR. Other photos added at Koontz Mine page on the GC&C, Lonaconing on the C&P, followed by Nikep. Another two photos added at McCoole just of the bigger growing trees at the maintenance sheds along the abandoned CSX tracks.

4-12-13, Adding some photos of the abandoned mines up on the George's Creek and Cumberland Rail Road above Lonaconing on the east side of the valley. The GC&C also had mines on the west side of the valley as well. Those photos are currently in the process of being added if not already up. Two photos on the C&P RR at Jackson Jct. also, all those photos from Don Biggs. Other photos added on the East Sub at New Windsor of the early WM station and freight shed, those two photos submitted by Jack Brown. I added a photo I took of a shop building and brick building across the tracks from the Hagerstown Yard Office. Not sure what these buildings were exactly used for, may be someone knows? the brick/house structure looks if rough shape but appears to be WM owned.

4-9-13, Added photos on the Geroge's Creek and Cumberland Railroad on the Lonaconing page. Neat photos of the cross ties still down after the rails had been removed 2 years earlier in 1967. Must have been neat to look up on the hillside above town and see hopper cars at the mines.

Other photos added on the C&P RR on the following pages, "Frostburg Depot", "Carlos Jct.", "Water Cliff", "Lonaconing", "Nikep", and "Franklin". All photos added were taken by Don Biggs.

3-31-13, Added some photos at the WM's Hillen Street Station area. Photos taken by Darren Talbert and show the remaining WM warehouse and looking east and west on the street where the WM tracks once ran.


3-25-13, more photos added on the Spring Garden page, taken by Darren Talbert. These photos are from the eastern approach of the bridge and looking at the Tide Sub east ans west at Westport, in west Baltimore. Also added a newspaper article of the removal of the C&P RR bridge over Winchester Road. This bridge was part of the C&P's Eckhart Branch.

3-19-13, A lot of neat photos submitted and added from Darren Talbert. Added just a handful of the images to the Port Covington page due to space/download time. Very neat images of old photos to photos from 2013. These photos were added at the beginning of the WM on the Port Covington page, Spring Garden, and at the very end at Back Fork on the GC&E Sub.

3-13-13, Believe I'm done adding the photos mentioned below. I also totally reworked the North Branch page, got rid of a lot of photos and just kept some to give a general idea of the area. I have the others if anyone wants to see anything more. The pages updated are: Spring Gap, B158, W.E. North Branch, North Branch, Mt. Savage, Morantown, and Zihlman.

3-11-13, Made a trip to Frostburg on March 9th that turned out to be a St. Patricks day college bar crawl with the family in Frostburg. Was a lot of fun, however on the way up to Frostburg stopped at the 6th Potomac Bridge, Oldtown Station, and North Branch. Also got to hike a section of the West Sub I have never seen before. This is the short section from the B158 milepost, east to Spring Gap. A lot of neat shots and a very big/deep cut east of the B158 mile post. Some photos didn't turn out but so good ones did. At North Branch, I took a lot of photos of the now abandoned right-of-way minus its track and bridge at North Branch. All the track was pulled east of the bridge and trees that had grown up through the tracks were removed to do the job. I will add those photos and the B158 to Spring Gap when get some more time.

Finally took photos up along the C&P at Mt. Savage, Morantown, and Zihlman. At Zihlman, both of my camera digital cards were full so will have to pick pack up there. Also found out that the C&P had an earlier mainline from about Slabtown east towards Mt. Savage that was a switch back. I'll have to go back there as well. The only photos that have been added from this trip so far are on the C&P's "Mt. Savage", "Morantown", and "Zihlman" pages. Will add the other pages next, Jeremy Cooper

3-8-13, Added a submitted photo from Wayne Norman of a wreck on the WM's West Sub that occurred in April 1970. In the photo a N&W GP30 can be seen derailed. I have another photo of this same wreck, both are now on the "Moffett" page. If anyone knows any more about this derailment please email me, I'd like to be able to provide more info on just what happened. You'll get credit for the info. thanks, Jeremy Cooper

3-2-13, Took forever but finally got my slow cell phone to work enough to add some more photos from Don Biggs. Photos added at Cheat Bridge, Tunnel #1, Elkins, Meyersdale, Hancock, and Highfield. Really like the photo at Cheat Bridge. I have yet to visit Cheat Bridge and really liked seeing that modern coal tipple. After looking at that photo and Blair Williamson's of the Shay run by I can see where the tipple once stood. Some neat photos as Elkins showing the yard tracks empty and from the highway overpass. The Meyersdale photo was taken in 1979 and neat so know that the WM once had cover the top eves of the station with that fake brick shingle material like other wooden structures. Great photo of the Hancock Station, too bad it burned, maybe it could be rebuilt by the town someday to use with the WMRT and town offices.

2-12-13, Photos added on the Durbin/GC&E Subdivision at Elk River Jct., Cheat Jct., and Greenbrier Jct. These photos show the tracks still down at each junction as well as a track crew on a speeder heading west passed some bad order hoppers. One additional photo added of the Laurel Bank grade near Mt. Airy. All photos taken by Don Biggs 1980-1982.

2-8-13, Photos added of the Bison Coal Company tipple along Rt 135 in Poland. Coal was trucked here from several mines then taken to Westernport and loaded onto hopper cars. Other photos added at the West End of Thomas and at Hampshire of the Mastellers coal tipple. All photos submitted by Don Biggs and taken in 1969, 1979, and 1981.

1-20-13, Just added 5 quick photos I knew I had taken but had forgot about. Wondered where they were after Don Biggs had sent the photo of the coal tipple at Hampshire on the Thomas Sub. The photos I took are the tipple there also but an updated version of it. That tipple was being disassembled and cut up for scrap and I believe is long gone now.

1-16-13, Found the 2 slideshows I once had on the main page but were lost when I saved the page accidentally while editing online last year. The slideshows were more for hikers interested in what was west of the WMRT from Pearre if a trail were to be built. One starts at Sideling Hill Creek and goes west to Paw Paw I believe. Other slideshow starts at Spring Gap and goes to Oldtown. Link to those two slideshows below the WM Challenger photo at bottom of this page.

I am thinking about creating a 3rd slide show for WM fans between Williamsport Hill and Maryland Jct. That 3rd slideshow would be of only WM trains and or only track shots at locations as the show takes you east to Hagerstown on the West Sub/Cumberland Extension. Good Idea, any thoughts?

1-20-13, Added only a single photo of the image posted here to the Moffett page. The image was sent by Blair Williamson. Be neat to have a copy of that magazine and get to read about the WM while in operation.

Been busy reading through the 115 page study by the National Park below. Man I wish they would have included the entire route. Now there will be 2 separate trails that stop at the tunnels. Good thing is maybe more people will voice their support to include the remainder of the trail when people learn more trail between the two with the two tunnels and 2 more river crossings. The best thing would to install the bat gates which I'm sure they will do anyway and only close the tunnels during the winter months when the bats hibernate. At least the bridges included will finally get maintenance that they have been neglected since 1975. Concrete work and new decking with guard rails installed. The one bridge I personally know is very bad is the 4th crossing that will not become part of the WMRT. The metal around the bolts that hold the bridge onto its concrete supports near the B&0 Low Line have rusted completely away. Meaning the bridge is simply sitting on the concrete with nothing holding it in place other than its own weight and the trees that have grown up and through the bridge steel and decking. One good flood could knock the bridge off the supports.

1-16-13, Found out some info on the extension of the Western Maryland Rail Trail. The info is from the NPS and is 6-7 months old. Link to the info below but in short the WMRT will be extended from Pearre west to the East Portal of Stickpile Tunnel. Then it will be built from Paw Paw east to the 5th Potomac Crossing. No idea why the tunnels and the segment between the two trails to be built was left. Perhaps due to bats in the tunnels at winter. But the tunnels could be closed during the winter just like Big Savage Tunnel is. I just hope it is quickly decided to finish it all the way through. Jerome train order office may soon rot into the ground if it hasn't already done so. Here is the link,


1-15-13, A lot of photos from Don Biggs added. Also created 3 pages and have some photo of my own to scan before adding. Numerous photos on each pages added on the following pages; Poland, 21st Bridge, McKenzie on the Thomas Sub. On the C&P RR, photos on Barton, Camel Straights, Waverly St., Legion East and Westernport. On the West Subdivision, photos added at North Branch, Spring Gap, 6th Crossing of Potomac, B&O Crossing near Hanstrote, West Stickpile Tunnel, East Indigo Tunnel, and Ernstville. Again, great photos to see all around 1968 to 1978. Glad to see photos were taken of the tracks before and during abandonment, you just don't see any of those in books.

1-7-13, Found my Blackberry so was able to resume adding photos. A lot added first I'll mention the ones above first with the photo added on the B147 page. It is of the WM maintenance area they had here about the B146.8. The photo is looking east in 1977 at the "out of service" tracks. Most the spikes had been removed in preparation for lifting the rails. Second photo is at Tonoloway where the contractors stopped the track removal in 1978. This track would remain here until removed by CSX in 1987. Third photo is at the boarded up Big Pool Jct office in 1977. It was closed in favor of B&O's Miller Tower across the river in WV. Some of the rails at the crossover have already been removed in 1977. Lots of other photos added again on pages such as the Big Pool Jct., Big Spring, B146, 1st Crossing, and at Blaine on the Thomas Subdivision and Sailsbury Viaduct on the Connellsville Sub. Another added up the C&P at Franklin if I didn't mention on and earlier update. Lots of photos, all from Don Biggs. Some more favorite photos to add to my list, sure would have loved to see a train along MD Rt. 51 at the B147 milepost. Also would loved to see the track down from Tonoloway east to Hancock. Man it would been great if the barrel company at Little Orleans insisted in rail service, that track might have been left in to Little Orleans back then. On a sad note, Bill of "Bill's Place" in Little Orleans passed away Saturday 1-5-13, he will be missed. He always would tell me stories about the railroad when I visited. Even game him a WMRHS calender a few years. Another bit of news also on 1-5-13, CSX begun removal of the WM bridge at North Branch, thanks Sam Wilson for that info. Enjoy the updates everyone...

1-5-13, Photos added at the East End of Deal, Big Savage Tunnel, Borden Tunnel, and just the one pictured here taken at Little Orleans. This structure is a platform possibly to inspect and work in the wood lined tunnels. The platform is sitting on the second sidetrack at Little Orleans that was once used to load coal from a truck dump and up a conveyor into a hopper. Last time I was here the track was still intact. Only track I know of between Big Pool Jct. and North Branch. All photos by Don Biggs.

1-4-13, Got a temporary phone until my lost phone is replaced. So I was able to add some more images. Photos added along the West Sub on the Oldtown Station page as well as the 4th Canal Crossing and Little Orleans pages. Really liking the photos at the bridge over the canal as it is my favorite spot on the WM. One of the photos show the tracks still down after abandonment as the weeds are beginning to reclaim the right-of-way. These photos all from Don Biggs taken in 1968 the and 1976.

12-22-12, Photos added on the South Cumberland, State Line Bridge, State Line Sand Mine, G.C. Jct., and Number Nine pages. All photos from Don Biggs taken in 1968, 1970, and 1976. A lot more to add yet, great photos.

The Challenger photo is from Don Biggs. It came to Don by way of his great uncle. He used to be head of shipping at the paper mill years ago. The story in Don's family is that his great uncle favored the WM when it came to shipping out the finished paper. He was able to send it out on either the B&O or the WM. The Western Maryland used to give him such a good shipping rate that he sent the paper their way. The railroad gave him a copy of the first Challenger that Baldwin built for them. If you look close you can see that this is an "official" photo taken shortly after construction. (Don Biggs Collection and info)

Below is a petition that has been going on for years now, a few names were lost when the computer crashed. Nothing really anymore is being done with the petition but if you would like to sign and express your interest, please do.

"I support the idea of converting the abandoned Western Maryland Railway through Paw Paw Bends of the Potomac into a hiking/biking trail.

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