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An old Trains Magazine from March 1954 depicts a WM 4-8-4 Potomac passing the waiting shed at Moffett. Second photo this is how Moffett looks, not much here. In the later days there were only signals 110.4 and 110.5. Although not far to the east of these signals maybe 2 tenths of a mile was the former location of the westbound hot box detector signal. The hotbox detector itself was located nearly 1.7 miles to the east at Parkhead. (Trains Mag cover, thanks to Blair Williamson)

WMRT marker at Moffett. This area was once a road crossing that is listed on a WM track chart I have. Perhaps it was the old road to the town of Moffet and Millstone.

Looking west into a curve one half of a mile east of Moffett.

Arthur Bloch photographed this derailment in April 1970. This was in the area between Hancock and Big Pool. Pulled over on I70 climbed the bank and there was a train derailment. Hershey's chocolate everywhere. You can see the trucks that they sent to retrieve the goods and you notice the two C&O Canal Park Rangers cars on the towpath.

I was able to find the following article on the derailment. "Three Hurt In Derailment HANCOCK. Md. (AP)--Three men suffered minor injuries early today in the derailment of a Western Maryland Railway freight train five miles east of here. According to a railroad spokesman, Donald H. Rhodes, 64, of Hagerstown, was admitted to Washington County Hospital with fractured ribs. Rhodes was the engineer of the freight that went off the track at 3:40 a.m. in western Washington County. Two wrecking crews from Cumberland and Hagerstown worked with cranes to recover an overturned engine and get the other four engines back on the track. The spokesman said that about 35 of the 87 cars were derailed Also injured were George Seaton, 31. and Roscoe Corderman, 52, both of Smithburg. The were treated at Washington County Hospital for minor injuries and released".

Another view of the April 1970 derailment near Moffet and Hancock. Notice the N&W GP30's. (Photo submitted by Wayne Norman)

More photos of the same derailment with the N&W GP30's.

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