Below I have posted a few older photo from the 1990s from around the station in Boyce. A few of us did a lot of work inside and out on the station each weekend before was sold by the historical society.

An NS hopper train heads south at approaching the former N&W position type signals at the 45.9 and 46.0 milepost.

NS 460 and 211 also pass the signals at the 45.9 and 46.0 milepost both in January 1996.

NS 155 passes our station work crew in August 1997. NS 457 is about the cross old Rt340, the northern crossing in Boyce in May 1998.

NS 461 south thru Boyce with a confederate flag on the front. 460 went north like this too and returned here as pictured. The flag was added for the battle reenactment that was taking place this August day in 1997. The train even stopped and the crew handed out water to renactors along Rench Road just south of Hagerstown.

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