Hager Tower/N&WRY

Hager Tower

NS 214 heads north out of town at Hager Tower on December 31, 2018 at 1:30 pm is a soaking rain storm. The track in the foreground is the connection to the Western Maryland/CSX.

CSX train Z278 now NS train 228 comes off the WM and onto Conrail at Hager Tower as it heads south to Vardo Yard on the NS in South Hagerstown. In February 1997, Norfolk Southern ran two trains a day over CSX rails between Hagerstown, MD. and Connellsville, PA. These trains were NS 227 northbound and NS228 southbound. On CSX these trains were designated CSX Z278 (NS228) and CSX Z279 (NS227). They ran under trackage rights that the N&W acquired when Chessie System took over the Western Maryland. The Norfolk and Western ran numerous trains over the WM in the 1970's most of these were grain trains. Today, the Wheeling and Lake Erie RR runs grain trains over the same route as they need. Norfolk Southern no longer runs trains 227 and 228 up the Shenandoah Valley to Hagerstown, these two trains now run around via Cincinnatti, Ohio.

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