Old Chapel/N&WRY

Old Chapel

A southbound passes a barn between Old Chapel and Boyce. The tracks are between and parellel both Rt.340 and old Rt. 340 between the two locations.

A NS 214 is northbound rounding the curve and passing the block signals at Old Chapel. Conrail power was very common before the CR/NS merger. The blocks signals were the first to be replaced of the N&W position type signals. The blocks were lengthened when the new signals were installed. The auto racks in the train would most likely be dropped for CSX at Shenandoah Jct. Today CSX has removed there switch of the Shenandoah Jct. interchange.

NS 460 at the Old Chapel signals in October 1996 then NS 211 south by the signals after they had been put out of service and taken down off their bases.

A coal train with Conrail power rounds the curve.

214 crosses the bridge just north of the signals in the 1990's.

A NS train is north of Old Chapel at a crossing to a farm. This location is about halfway to Pigeon Hill. (1990's)

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