NS 460 is on the bridge and in Maryland heading for Hagerstown in the 1990's then NS 202 at same location on November 24, 2016.

Norfolk Southern train 956 crosses the Potomac River into Maryland at Shepardstown, WV. in late 1998. Next NS 211 crosses the Potomac River from Maryland to Shepardstown, WV. in a snowstorm.

NS train No.202 crosses the bridge led by the 2611 on Novermber 25, 2016.

A nortbound across the bridge and a muddy Potomac River

NS 3692 is about the go onto the bridge and enter Maryland. The bridge ties and rail are being replaced.

The charlestown Station has been preserved anda fence erected on the old station platform. A NS northbound approaches in a snowstorm.

An NS freight passes the NW signals at Shepardstown or the north end ofShepardstown as it once was referred to on the railroad. (12-26-13)

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