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Looking west from the crossing at Pinesburg. (Sep. 1995)

A eastbound Chessie System train with pushers passes through Pinesburg. WM GP40 3798 is the trail pusher in the consist. (photos by Rob Kirby Jr.)

CSX E101 is westbound at Pinesburg. Pinesburg is located 2 miles west of Williamsport. There is a quarry and a side track located here, but CSX doesn't serve the quarry. (May 1998)

D 721 westbound rounds the curve into Pinesburg. The train is passing an old WM telephone call box to the right of the train. (April 1998)

Two views looking west and east from the cut just east of the Pinesburg road crossing. (photos by Rob Kirby Jr.)

WM GP7 22, in it's Chessie System number 5634 is photographed in the curve at Pinesburg. (photo by Rob Kirby Jr.)

A WM eastbound train passes a private road crossing just around the curve from Pinesburg. Later, a CSX train rounds the same curve as the WM train. These photo show how the trees have grown up since WM operation. (Feb. 1970 and June 1998)

Q016 comes thru the S-Curve from Pinseburg to road alongside Bottom Road to Williamsport. January 19, 2019 at 1113 am.

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