Round Top Cememt Mill/B118.8 Round Top Cememt Mill/B118.8

At Round Top the WM had a 6,450ft. long passing siding starting at signals 119.4 and 119.5. They WM also had a train-order office here seen below pushed over on its side(today gone). There is also an old foundation along the track that was once served by the RR in the early 1900's, this was believed to be the Round Top Sand Company.

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WMRT marker and ruins of the Round Top Cement Mill. This mill is located alongside the canal. The WM was atop the hill behind the mill. This mill supplied cement that was used to construct the capital dome in Washington D.C.

Looking east on the WM into the rocky cut up on the hillside directly behind the Round Top Cememt Mill. The first photo was taken by Athur Bloch who had photographed his family standing on the rusting WM tracks in the mid 1980's. At this time the tracks were in as far west as Tonoloway but would soon be removed by CSX in a year or two. Second photo was taken by J.W. France at the same location but this time during the WMRT Era.

Looking west from the deep cut above the cement mill. (second photo by J.W. France)

Looking into the cut at Round Top before and during construction of the WMRT.

Looking west along the Western Maryland right-of-way into the deep rock cut just behind the Round Top Cement Mill. First photo taken in June 2001 and second by J.W. France on October 2, 2002.

The first deep cut west of Hancock is here in the curve near the Round Top Cement Mill. This cut is a short walk from the road at Locher, just to the east.

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