Sideling Hill/B127.6

Sideling Hill/B127.6

At Sideling Hill the WM and C&O Canal crossed Sideling Hill Creek before continuing west towards Cumberland. The WM bridge here was No. 127.6 and the grade% is 0.0 to +0.223. As of mid 2018 the bridge is being rebuilt into Phase 3 of the Western Maryland Rail Trail.

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The WM right-of-way is in very good shape as it curves away from sideling Hill to the west towards Indigo Tunnel.

Looking east onto the WM bridge No. 127.6. The trestle here is banked for the railroad tracks of the Fast Freight Line.

A WM Validation photo from 1917 of the Sideling Hill bridge. Notice the cost of the bridge written o the photo. The second photo shows the entire bridge during the winter months from the C&O Canal Towpath. The eastern end of the bridge has a longer girder than the west end.

This photo was taken creek side looking downstream at the Western Maryland trestle and C&O Canal Aqueduct on October 22, 2004.

Drove along the B&O tracks and took this photo from standing up on top my army truck. The WM roadbed is much higher up from the river than B&O's. At this location i'd have to say 15-25 feet higher than the B&O/CSX tracks. (2-9-14)

A shot from the hillside at the east end of the bridge. This shot would ba a nice shot if only there was a train. The old bridge warning sign post is still here with the old fire barrel in the foreground.

This is looking west then back east just east of the thorns and bridge at Sideling Hill Creek. (March 2002)

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