Fishers Hill(SOU)
Fishers Hill/B63.8

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Looking east and west from the crossing of Rt.639/Green Acre Drive. This crossing is between Strasburg Jct. and Fishers Hill. (May 10, 2014)

This s-curve leads from Rt.639 to Fishers Hill Store/Station pictured here in the second and third photos. (May 18, 2014)

I put 3 photos together to try and capture all of the bridge in one shot here at Fishers Hill, VA. The road beneath the bridge is Rt.601/Battlefield Drive. This trackage is "out of service" and rail-banked for future use. (May 10,2014)

West from the station is the bridge over Tumbling Run. Here at the bridge I photographed a derail sign warning of the track ahead has been altered for a derail to occur if a train or car goes passed a certain point. These photos are looking west onto the bridge. (May 18, 2014)

Looking east back across the bridge and then up at one of the piers that was altered from its original design/bridge to install the stronger girder bridge seen today. the metal in the stonework just below the reinforced concrete extensions on the stone were left from the original bridge. (May 18, 2014)

West of the bridge at Fishers Hill is the B64 milepost. We are looking east and west at the milepost. Here the spikes removed, rail cut, and moved inwards to break the line. This was done in order to place the B64 west to Harrisonburg, VA "out of service" and rail-banked. (May 18, 2014)

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