Happy Creek(SOU)
Happy Creek

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NS train 154 is westbound and NS train 211 are just outside of Front Royal along Happy Creek Road. Randolph-Macon Academy can be seen in the distance above the train. (October 1998 and February 1997)

NS trains 213 and 154 are east and west along Happy Creek Road. (April 1997 and October 1996)

At Happy Creek NS trains 154 and 214 cross Shenandoah Shores Road and Happy Creek Road continues to follow the railroad to Dismal Hollow Road. "Woods", the western end of a section of double track was recently extended west along Happy Creek Road from it original location. Woods originally was named "Woody" but changed to Woods due to the similar name "Cody" which was the eastern end of the double track in Dismal Hollow. (April and October 1998)

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