White Cut(SOU)
White Cut

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These two photos were taken when Dismal Hollow, White Cut, etc was still single track. Conrail 6754 is east on the large fill with NS train 211 at the B47 milepost having just crossed Happy Creek Road in October 1996. Next we we another Conrail lead train in the curve between Whit Cut and what would soon become "Cody" ahead. (December 1992)

The double track is under construction as CR 5513 still travels on the single main track. Next we see NS 154 on November 5, 1998 is westbound on the large fill which has been widened for two tracks nearing the B47.

NS 213 with No. 6170 is passing through White Cut in fall of 1999. In September 1998, NS 214 is westbound again at White Cut.

Up on the power line sometimes provides a diffrent photo then the norm. Here a NS 221 is westbound and has just left Cody and is passing through the cuts and s-curve approaching White Cut in Dismal Hollow. Next NS train 456 is eastbound climbing the grade in one of the cuts in Fall 1999.

We are up on the hillside above the tracks to catch two NS trains in the cut west from Cody. In 2013 Cody, like Woods had been extended east/west to the double track longer. First we see NS 222 on 11-5-1998 and then NS 214 in October 1998.

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