Spring Gap/B157.4

Spring Gap/B157.4

Spring Gap was most likely named after the WM because of the deep cut that the railroad created here to cut through a small river bend. There was a highway overpass located here up until 1996, when it was removed due to low clearence. There was also a 546ft. side track here that was used to store MofW equipment and camp cars. The rails were still intact here after the West Sub was taken out of service in 1975. The rails were pulled up during the widening of the highway west of here along the passing siding at North Branch. The WM right-of-way at Spring Gap is now owned by the C&O Canal National Park.

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WM AJ-3 has just left Spring Gsp and crossed over MD RT 51 and entered the small cut west from the bridge as stated on May 16, 1968. The second photo is looking west into the cut fron the overpass. (Thanks to Jim Coshun for photo)(3-9-2013)

Looking west into the small cut from the overpass then up at the overpass from the road in 1976. In this view of the overpass the track was still down and out of service. This was a very nice looking WM bridge and would stand another 19 or so years before being removed. (1976, Don Biggs photos)

This was the WM overpass of MD Rt.51 at Spring Gap in October 1995. The overpass was in excellent condition and still read Western Maryland Railway clearly when it was torn down by September, 1996 because of its low highway clearence.

Click the above photo to read a study and report that was done on the WM overpass at Spring Gap before its removal.

Two different track plans from the WM over a course of time here at Spring Gap. There apperas to have been a previous overpass east of the post office for the road. Then the newer and perhaps wider overpass was built and trackas extended, moved around. Even a ststion or waiting shed were present day Rt51 is. (Thanks to Jim Coshun for the photos)

Very neat photo of a very early WM train atound 1935 at the new underpass for the highway. Notice the old underpass is still intact in the embankment under the second coal hopper. Wonder if any traces of this underpass remain today? (State Highway Admistration photo)

The new underpass for Oldtown Rd/Md Rte 51 is in and a 2-8-0 Consolidation is westbound at the new bridge and nee concrete highway. (State Highway Admistration photo)

Another view of WM bridge "No. 157.5" at Spring Gap. This photo is from the northern side of the bridge as looking from the postoffice like the old photo above. Second photo was taken from up on the WM track looking west. (1995)

A eastbound Western Maryland freight train has just crossed the bridge over MD. Rt. 51 and is about to enter Spring Gap. The train is being pulled by WM Potomac 4-8-4 #1401. These locomotives were named after the river by with they followed. These Potomacs were used often on the West Sub until being retired and replaced with diesel locomotives. These locomotives were employee favorites but were in service for only 7 years before being cut up for scrap! In 2003 I took a similar photo from the same camera angle as in 1959. My car is on the former mainline where 4-8-4 #1401 once ran. (April 1959, photo by Bill Price and 2-4-03)

WM eastbound passenger train with the 208 seen at Spring Gap in April 15, 1951. (Bill Price photo)

This was a popular photo location for famous WM photographer Bill Price. It's August 1951 and WM 4-8-4 Potomac No 1401 is on a eastbound coal train about to enter Spring Gap. The second phot was taken about the same location just not as high up due to grown trees block the previous photo location. It is February 4, 2003 and one can still see the WM roadbed on the right and the C&O Canal on the left.

Looking east into the cut at Spring Gap on Feburary 4, 2003.

Deep in the cut the trees are still small from the lack of sunlight during most of the day. This shot is looking west. (Oct. 1995)

Bill Price has caught another WM easbound lead by a Potomac as it exits Spring Gap in October 1952. Much later on Feburary 4, 2003, the tracks are gone and have been replaced with trees. This is the same photo location as in the first photo at the eastern end of Spring Gap. (Oct. 1952 and Feb. 2003)

Just as the WM exits the east end of the cut at Spring Gap, it travels through an number of small cuts along the C&O Canal to Oldtown. (2-4-03)

I came upon this WM tell-tale still standing to my amazement first in October 1995 when the trees were still pretty thick. On Feburary 4, 2003 I hiked east from Spring Gap to Oldtown. I took another photo of the tell-tale. This once warned crewmen walking atop freight cars of a nearby overhead clearence.

At this location in the 1950's a wooden overpass once carried a road over the railroad. The tell-tales to the west and east were for this bridge. It appears it was used by a farmer to access a field but I would think there would of had to be more business here for needs to cross the WM on a bridge. Maybe there was some sort of rail traffic for the EM at one time. The second photo shows the remains of the eastern tell-tale. Only one side of the rails that once supported the tell-tale remain standing today. (2-4-03)

A WM signal base just east of the cut at Spring Gap. This was westbound signal number 157.0. (2-4-03)

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