Spring Gap to Knuckles Cut

Spring Gap to Knuckles Cut

The majority of the following photos are from a hike I did in February 2003. I started at Spring Gap and rode my bike east on the WM to the general store at Oldtown. These photos were taken along a few miles of remote railroad that was rarely photographed if any.

The first rock cut east of Spring Gap. The right-of-way runs mostly straight towards Oldtown with only a few slight curves leading into another cut and straight-of-way. (2-4-03)

The right-of-way is in good shape east of Spring Gap. In some places grass has not yet even grown. The right-of-way has been maintained very well. My guess is the track may have been left intact for a few miles east of North Branch which would result in the better condition of this part of the abandoned Western Maryland. (2-4-03)

Another rock cut along the canal and railroad. (2-4-03)

The WM brakes away from the canal and numerous cuts to run threw farmland. Here the railroad is very straight. (2-4-03)

This was a battery cellar for WM signal 155.9. I dug an old battery out of the ground nearby. This foundation was also found nearby. It is on railroad property but there is no record or any known building here that I can find on any map or in any book.(2-4-03)

This is the short section being used by a farmer to access a field. The old farmers crossing is nearby and was most likely disused and forgotten when the railroad was removed. (2-4-03)

Atop the WM right-of-way looking west and east. A section of the right-of-way is being used to access a feild along the canal (4-24-93)

One of only a few WM power poles still stands proud along the canal and abandoned WM. Almost every one is missing having been cut by down by people or beavers in the canal. A few lay on the bank having fallen over the years after years of neglect. (2-4-03)

It's hard to tell exactly what signal this may have been since I didn't see any mileposts close by. On the track chart my best guess for this old battery cellar and signal base was most likely for WM signal 154.8. (2-4-03)

Looking east near the B155 milepost. The right-of-way is in very good shape. Pine trees like these remind me of the WM since they now grow in great numbers along the abandoned right-of-way and in the deep cuts where other trees can't. (2-4-03)

This short cut is just west of Knuckles Cut. Ice has formed over some of the rocks on this cold Febuary day. (2-4-03)

The trail passes alot of cuts like this one west of Knuckles Cut. (10-10-03)

A group of WM RS3's in the WM fireball paint scheme bring a train west between Knuckles Cut and Spring Gap. I'm not sure where the this photo was taken but I'd say due to lack of roads in the area the photo would most likely bee taken just east of Spring Gap or along the WM off Shellhorn Drive which parallels the WM a mile or so west of Knuckles Cut. When I can hike this area again I will look for the location a take a similar photo to compare the two. (Ray Wongus Collection of the WMRHS)

Another cut along the trail. (10-10-03)

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