Stanley is just east of the WM bridge over Great Tonoloway Creek. It was once the eastern Yard Limits (YL) to the three mile section of double track at Hancock. The original WM "Stanley" track side sign still remains today, however it is in need off a coat of paint. Just west of Stanley the WM crosses Great Tonoloway Creek on a trestle before entering the section of double track at the East End of Hancock. Here the WM once switched 3 separate side tracks that appeared to serve a cold storage or apple processing facilities. The 3 tracks has a length of 1250 ft., 92 4ft. and 102 2ft. Today the tracks are gone but you can see where they once ran up to and along the buildings as most of the cross ties still remain in place.

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Eastbound CSX rail train crosses the bridge over Tonoloway Creek as it leaves the East End of Hancock on Nov. 8, 1988 after a day of rail-removal west of Hancock on the WM. This photo was taken from the Md. Rt. 144 bridge. (photo by Brian Paulus) Second photo is the WM bridge photographed from the opposite side of the bridge

Ray Wongus photographed the WM bridge and rails looking west from the bridge. This location was the eastern end of the section of double track at Hancock. You can see the cross ties still remain where the switch from the eastbound main track o the left once was. (Ray Wongus Collection of the WMHRS)

The WM bridge over Great Tonoloway Creek is under construction in April 1997 as a part of Phase 1 of the WMRT. Later in September 2001 I rode east crossing the bridge bound for Big Pool Jct.

This road crossing at the east end of the WM bridge is used to reach a maintenance facility for the C&O Canal.

Looking west at Stanley in 1955. You can clearly see the Apple cold storage on the right in this photo.(Ray Wongus Collection of the WMRHS) The former Stanley sign is a rusted memory of the railroad that once ran past here in this photo. Here the WM had a run-around track at a length of 1750 ft. This was also the former Yard Limits for the side tracks at Hancock. Today is is just a resting point for hikers as there is a bench trail-side here.

Looking west at the B113 milepost just 8 tenths of a mile east of Stanley. Here bikers riding west can view the large cut in Sideling Hill ahead through which I-68 passes as it winds west towards Cumberland.

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