21st Bridge/C19.8 21st Bridge/C19.8

1922 and 2012 topo maps

Just east of 21st Bridge on the WM there is now a connection with the B&O. Today this is as far east that the original WM mainline extends. However this connection is no longer used. A connection a few miles west at West Virginia Central Junction is how CSX accesses the WM in 2012 and has for several years now. 21st bridge got its name from the B&O's crossing of the Potomac River 21 miles west of Cumberland, Md.

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Heard of some CSX tree removal on the WM mainline from 21st Bridge west so got out to take some photos. Here we are at the former connection to the B&O looking east and then west. (12-12-16)

C&O hoppers are parked on the former WM mainline to Cumberland in these 1977 photos at the new connection with the B&O just east of 21st bridge. Not sure when but these tracks the hoppers are on would be removed, see images below. (1977, Don Biggs photos)

Summer of 1978, again at 21st bridge, with some Chessie geeps switching some cars stored on an old leg of the former WM. This small train had a WM scale car next to caboose 1810, which is now at the C&O station in Staunton, VA. (Warren Jenkins photos)

The WM main curved right here and headed parallel to the B&O until crossing the bridge at Dawson. Here a number of crossties on the former mainline still remain. The connection with the B&O was left along with the WM rails into Westernport although CSX no longer uses this connection. (2006)

Looking east and west from just east of 21st Bridge. In the first photo the current track was the connection with the B&O while the crossties to the right of the track were once the WM Mainline to Cumberland. The second photo is looking west as the WM curves around the bend to cross the B&O at 21st Bridge.

Looking east and west from the "Green One Mile" sign. (2006)

The WM tracks are still down in the cut but appear to have little ballast left and in some sections are covered with brush, leaves, and fallen trees. (2006)

Looking east into the cut just east of the bridge. Here weeds, fallen rock and trees cover some parts of the track. (11-10-05)

Looking west and down onto the WM bridge on 12-12-16. The trees growing on the track had been just removed 2 weeks prior to this photo.

Don Biggs photographed a Chessie hopper train crossing the WM bridge in 1981. I wonder where this train was headed?, perhaps up the George's Creek Sub or even down the WM Thomas Sub to Bayard and beyond?

Looking east towards Cumberland from the middle of the B&O tracks at the WM bridge.

Out on the bridge looking east. Notice the 198, it's the bridge and milepost number. (11-10-05)

Looking east at the bridge in 1970. Neat to think the WM was still in service when this photo was taken and the rails are still shiny. Looks as if the bridge crossties had been recently replaced. (1970, Don Biggs photo)

Looking east and west from the western end of the bridge. A whistle post is located here at the bridge for the crossing at the C20 just around the bend. (11-10-05)

Looking east near 21st bridge. Notice the rusting pole standing off the tracks to the right. That pole once held a WM telephone box. (11-10-05)

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