Blaine had a train-order office and was the East End of two main tacks that ran west passing "Potomac Manor/C45.6" and "Harrison Crossover/C45.8" before merging into one track at "Harrison/C46.3". There was a 11 car capacity sidetrack here at Blaine, and a 54 car sidetrack at Potomac Manor.

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A view of the WM mainline to Thomas as it climbs along the Potomac River heading into Blaine from Chaffee which is around the bend 3 miles away. (12.29.2010)

This series of photos shows the concrete retaining wall along the WM as it runs east from Blaine. This view was taken from the Maryland side of the river in Kitzmiller, MD. (12.29.2010)

The last of three WM stations that were once here at Blaine is pictured here in this 1965 photo. The foundation for this station can still be found today at Blaine and it pictured below in the weeds. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photo)

In the foreground in the weeds still lies the foundation for the former Blaine Station that once stood here. The second photo shows the remains of a tool shed and a box for a fire extinguisher. (12.29.2010)

Two photos of the Blaine Station, (3rd design) photographed in 1976. Notice the Chessie Chevrolet highrail pickup. I'd think in 1976 the station was still in use as operations had only shortly been under control by the Chessie System. (1976, Don Biggs photos)

The first of the 3 stations at Blaine is pictured here in this photo taken about 1900. After looking at this photo you can see that the former station was directly in front of the switch to the double track. There was also a sidetrack or "station track" here but is out of the photo. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photo)

Looking east at the tracks, station, and signal at Blaine in this Ray Wongus photo. (Ray Wongus Collection of the WMRHS)

Looking east and west from the east end of the passing siding that begins here at Blaine. Notice the signal base for the former block signal that once stood here. (12.29.2010)

The first Blaine Station, both front and rear views photographed in 1917. Seems to be a small child standing at the screen door at the rear of the station. Guessing a family lived in and operated the various stations back in those days. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photo)

The second of the three stations that once stood at Blaine. This station was pictured in the 1940's and is labeled as the "new station" at Blaine. I would think that this station must have been destroyed in a flood some time after this photo was taken due to the third station being constructed in 1965. Although it may have just been rebuilt and the wood siding covered in the shingle siding similar to how other WM structures were done such as; Jerome T.O. office, MY Tower, Deal T.O. office. The "station track" can be seen here running east from the switch. The double track ran west from a switch just west of the station. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photo)

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