Milepost C20 Milepost C20

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View east from the road crossing just west of 21st bridge in 1969. (Don Biggs photo)

Looking west and east near the road crossing at the C20 milepost. (10-31-05)

Looking west at the crossing. The rail that held the crossbucks is to the right. These tracks must have been out of service for some time, but you'd think CSX would run a weed sprayer down the track once a year like Norfolk Southern does for a stretch of track that they have out of service between Edinburg, VA. and New Market, VA. I guess CSX has plans to abandon this stretch of track. (10-31-05)

That track has a great roadbed, but has alot of weeds and trees growing up around the crossties and rails. (10-31-05)

Looking east shortly after the WM rails were cleared of trees by a bulldozer. (12-12-16)

Looking east along the sweeping curve at a farm field crossing at the C20.2.

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