Milepost C21 Milepost C21

This is the stretch of track between McCoole and the C20 milepost just west of 21st bridge.

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This WM whistle post is for the crossing at the C20.2, however here at this location there used to be a road crossing as well. I can still see where the road used to go and cross the tracks. (11-10-05)

After the bend the WM runs along a field and passes a deer stand then crosses a farm road at the C20.8. (11-10-05)

Looking west at the newer "Chessie version" of the C21 milepost. (11-10-05)

A whistle post and old WM telephone pole just east of the C21 milepost. (11-10-05)

The WM passes the site of another now gone road crossing and what looked to be a small furnace of some sort before curving around a rock bend closely following the river to McCoole. (11-10-05)

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