Cumberland Station/B165.8
Cumberland Station/B165.8

Cumberland was a major division point of WM lines. The West Sub, Thomas Sub, and Connellsvile Sub all converged here. The WM has a station in downtown, which is currently owned by the City of Cumberland and used by the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Visitors Center and the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. To the west is City Junction. City Junction is located at the mouth of the Narrows, here the WM line to Connellsville left Cumberland and rose up the mountain to Deal on a 1.75% grade. There was also a connection with the B&O by means of a bridge across Will's Creek. This connection was once used by the Western Maryland to reach the old Cumberland & Pennsylavania Railroad. The C&P had tracks west to Frostburg, coal mines, and onto Peidmont, WV. The WM had trackage rights over the B&O to reach the C&P. City Junction hosted a small yard and roundhouse of the Georges Creek and Cumberland Railroad. The GC&C later purchased by the WM in 1907, had two lines into Cumberland. The first route ran into Cumberland to reach the C&O Canal. The GC&C then connected to the West Virginia Central & Pittsburg RR, later owned by the WM. The second line ran across Will's Creek on the bridge previous mentioned to the C&P RR now B&O.

South Cumberland was the division point for the West Sub and the Thomas Sub. Across the river from Cumberland in West Virginia was Ridgeley Yard, Maryland Jct., and Knobmount Yard. Ridgeley Yard was where west bound WM trains off the West Sub yarded before continuing west up the Connellsville Sub. Ridgely Yard is now the present shops for the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. Maryland Jct. was in the center of both Ridgely and Knobmount Yards. There is also a wye here that is seldom used to turn the WMSR 2-8-0 steam locomotive. There once was an interlocking tower at Maryland Jct. up until abandonment. This tower was named "MY Tower". Virtually everything in the Maryland Junction area is gone today. Maryland Jct. once had shop facilities for maintaince and a small yard to servive locomotives. In the steam days this was the site of a large roundhouse. Most all shop buildings are now gone or scheduled for demolition. This area is then to be sold by CSX. Knobmount Yard was where all eastbound freights for the West Sub originated and all eastbound freights off the Connellsville Sub yarded. It was a coal classificatiuon yard for the Thomas Sub. It had a hump and a icing platform for refrigator cars. All tracks and most structures are also now gone.

West Virginia Central & Pittsburg's(WVC&P) Cumberland Station was located on Baltimore Street. Believe this station sat between Baltimore Street and the present day WM Cumberland Station. The WVC&P station was shared with the George's Creek and Cumberland and Pennsylavania railroads also. (Thanks to John Flanigan for the photo)

WM/GCK SD40 7471 at the Cumberland Station on 7-14-12.

Early photos taken by the WMRY at the Cumberland Station in 1917. Notice the old vehicles and the watered C&O Canal. Very neat photos, but glad to see the station grounds was restored and still look similar to these photos. (thanks to Warren Hart and Mike Yetter for photos)

Two photos of the WM buildings behind the Cumberland Station. The first photo is the WM Freight Station and the Second is the WM Offices which were attached to the freight station. Like to have those cars today, notice the horse and carriage in the second 1917 photo. (photo found by Lindsey Feaster)&(thanks to Warren Hart and Mike Yetter for 1917 photo)

Photos looking at the back of the Cumberland Station in 1985 and the freight houses in 1986. Notice the large doors on the back of the station. The tracks are still down at the freight house also. (Jack Brown photos)

Two views of WM Cumberland Station. First photo taken by Jack Brown in June 1986 and second by myself on October 10, 1992. This is how the WM station and tracks looked after the end of passenger service on the WM. The station tracks and platform have been rebuilt to its original appearence in April 1998 and remains today.

Two photos of the interior of WM's Cumberland Station while it was still in use as a passenger station. (Thanks to John Flanigan for the photo)

These two photos were found and saved from an attic in a building that was to be torn down. First photo was taken during construction of a new and the current connection with the B&O/CSX RR at the station. Second photo is of a waiting WM Pacific type passeger locomotive at the station. Again some neat photos. (photos found by Lindsey Feaster)

WMSR 734 heads across the 10th crossing of the Potomac River from Hagerstown as it heads to pick up waiting passengers at Cumberland. (10-09-10)

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad's FA's nos. 305 and 800, and 2-8-0 steam locomotive No. 734, cross the 10th Potomac River bridge as they head to pick up waiting passengers at the Cumberland station.

WMSR 734 heads across the Potomac River in a snow shower, (12-18-11)

Two more photos found by Lindsey Feaster I thought would be neat for others to see. First is a 1952 Dodge Station Wagon outfitted with steal wheels for company inspection use on the railroad. Second photo was taken during flood wall construction at the station.

Gerald Altizer had a dedication ceremony of former WM SD40 7471 and WM SD36 7436 and the WM Cumberland Station on May 27, 2012. The kids and myself got to wash both locomotives and wipe both dry. Took a few hours but we wanted the locomotives presented clean as WM kept them. WM 7436 was dedicated to former WM employee Donald "Red" Rush while 7471 was dedicated to former WM V.P. George M. Leilich.

WMSR GP30 502 pulled moving the locomotives out of the 3rd track and onto Track 2 for the dedication ceremony.

WMRY F-unit 241 has a has a train on the sidetrack just west of Cumberland Station. The mainline to Connellsville is the bridge over Wills creek in the foreground also seen in the second photo looking west. (photo found by Lindsey Feaster)&(1-14-05)

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