East End of Westernport/C26.2 E.E. Westernport/C26.2

122 car capacity side track at the East End of Westernport

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A hopper train is westbound entering the eastern end of Westernport. Notice the tracks to the small yard at Westernport ran east from the station to this point. (1978, Don Biggs photo)

Looking east and west from down on the yard tracks at the east end of Westernport in 1970. I could see this same view happening again if the George's Creek Railway got the line from CSX. Sure this yard would be put back in service and in heavy use. T (1970, Don Biggs photos)

Looking west and east at the east end of Westernport. There was a derailment here some time ago that took out a portion of the track side track. It's still here but just in a twisted pile to the right. There is another track to the right of this one also in the first photo. Looking east the tracks to the left converge into one and round the curve outta town in the scond photo. (10-31-05)

The WM wreck train was photograped in the siding at Westernport in 1968. Must have been a smaller wreck or derailment as they were using one of the smaller cranes. Notice FA 302 is the power for the train. (All photos 1968, Don Biggs)

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