Elkins was a WM Train-Order office and a collection and assembling yard for coal loads from the various bracnh lines west from Elkins. Across the rail yard there was a roundhouse and a freight car rebuild shop.

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A WM local is under the highway overpass at the dntrsnce of Elkins Yard in 1971. (Unkown photographer)

Combined two photo from Don Biggs taken from the highway overpass looking at Elkins Yard in 1980. (Don Biggs photos)

Looking west into the Elkins Yard on a hazy fall morning.

Pictured here is WM's Elkins Office Building as it looked in 1917. Guessing this building is gone today. It stood near the eastern end of the yard. Another photo looking west from near the beginning of WM's Elkins Yard in the 1920's. From here you can see the WM Office Building and the coal dock and yard tracks. (thanks to Warren Hart for photos)

Looking west into the WM's Elkins Yard where WM caboose 1812 sits with some rail cars. I took a photo also looking west on January 15, 2012 for comparison of how things have changed. (WM photo by Mason Cooper)

Here is another great photo also taken in the 1920's that show the coal dock and WM yard at Elkins. Notice the sign on the building to the right advertising a 40 cent dinner. I took the second photo on January 15, 2012 of the same building, minus the rail yard.

Elkins Roundhouse and Car Shops

Two photos of the Elkins Station taken in 1947 and again in 1953. A lot of neat details on and around the station. (thanks to Warren Hart for photo)

Warren Hart photographed Western Maryland's Elkins Station in the mid 1980's, I did trhe same in August 1993. All of the remaining yard track since Elkins Yard was closed had been removed by time the second photo was taken. Two tracks have recently been relayed up to the end of the station for use by the WVC RR tourist train.

Looking east from near the end of the Elkins Station platform in the 1920's then again in 1993 after the tracks were removed. Two tracks have recently been relayed here for access to the station by the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad.

A view from the Elkins Staion platform out into the tracks show WM 195, 402, 63, and another WM F7. (Mason Cooper photos)

WM RS3 190 moving about in the Elkins Yard ad a photo of WM caboose 1819. (Mason Cooper photo)

WM Caboose 1842 was spotted by the station while second photo is of WM Chessie painted GP9 33. I heard there were only 3 GP9's painted Chessie that kept the 2 digit road number at first. (Mason Cooper photo)

Looking east near the sand tower down in the yard in 1980. (Don Biggs photo)

Looking west up the right-of-way from across the Elkins Station in August 1993 and again on January 15, 2012.

WM Shay #6 at the Elkins Station during a night photo event in 2008. (Blair Williamson photo)

Three fire trucks are being used to re-water WM Shay #6 at the Elkins Station. Coal was also reloaded here as well during the 2008 Rail Fan Weekend. (Blair Williamson photos)

WM Shay #6 comes into the station at Elkins and passes a EMD F7 painted to resemble WM F7 #67. (Blair Williamson photo)

The Elkins Station and a view looking west from the station at the yard switches towards the bridge. (1980 photos by Don Biggs)

The WM bridge just south of the Elkins Yard has been removed in this August 1993 photo. A new bridge has been constructed here similar to the bridge that was removed. (1.15.2012)

WM BL2 #82 leads F7 #67 across the newly built bridge and into the former Elkins Yard. (Blair Williamson photo)

The newly constructed bridge at Elkins Station and yard. (1.15.2012)

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