Elkins Roundhouse and Car Shops

Photo of the Elkins Roundhouse in 1939 when it only had 7 stalls. (thanks to Warren Hart for photo)

This photograph shows the Elkins Roundhouse with it's 15 stalls. The photo was taken in 1960 and the turntable in the photo now is in use at Frostburg, MD. by the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. (thanks to Warren Hart for photo)

WM hopper cars in the process of being rebuilt. My high school photography teacher once worked here in the car shops at Elkins. He would always tell me about the job and when it closed he had an opportunity to be transferred to WM's Hagerstown shops. (Warren Hart photos)

WM hoppers cars are being rebuilt in the shed at Elkins in 1981. (thanks to Warren Hart for photo)

Car shop shed and some of the work tracks with gondolas having work done in 1981. (Warren Hart photos)

WM boxcars undergoing repair. (Mason Cooper photo)

A flat car and two cranes are visible in these photos in the Elkin's Shops. (Mason cooper photos)

WM's sanding tower at Elkins and a flat car with some equipment parked alongside the roundhouse days before the fire that destroyed the roundhouse. (Warren Hart photos)

Elkins roundhouse and turntable in the mid 1980's just days before the roundhouse burned. (Warren Hart photos)

The former Elkins turntable pit has been excavated and another turntable has been brought to Elkins for the pit. (12.15.2012)

Looking out into what was once the WM's Elkins Yard and Shops, all now gone. (August 1993)

This WM tender was used by the work crews for it's water supply. The troop car was most likely the kitchen for the work train followed by a workshop, sleeper, or coach. Second photo is WM's Jordan Spreader at Elkins in 1981. (Warren Hart photos)

This former WM baggage car and passenger car are scheduled to be cut up. They were part of the WM Work Train here in 1981. (Warren Hart photos)

(Warren Hart photos)

Warren Hart wrote about this tender, "under the top layer of black paint the Fireball could be seen clearly still being there and looked intact. Actually there was more that one that had been painted one on the top or another during repaints. Also the white stencil on it says "Hold for Dismantling" so I realized its end was near. I can no longer see it in this shot, but in person it clearly showed.

My thought was this at that time even if it did have a coat of black on top, these where the last surviving Fireballs on this Tender. I was sure if carefully done the top coat of paint could be removed to show the Fireballs...........

So I tried contacting a few people to have at least the Fireball parts cut out to be saved at scraping time. Well unfortunately with the fire latter that week, the saving of the tender sides showing the Fireball fell threw the cracks......

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