Excelsior (Bretz)/C89.8
Excelsior (Bretz)/C89.8

A very early photo of the bridge over the Blackwater River. Possibly this photo was taken before WM owned and operated the line. Notice the bridge peirs are stone. I wonder when the bridge was upgraded if the concrete was poured around these stone peirs?

Warren Hart photographed The WM bridge over the river while the rails were still down in the early 1980's. The crossties and track on the bridge would later be washed off the bridge in the Flood of 1985 and was the one of the reasons the Chessie System decided to abandon the WM Thomas Sub north out of Elkins. These photos are looking at the bridge from the western bank of the Black Water River. In the second photo you can see the road crossing across the bridge at Bretz. (Warren Hart photos, Nov. 1981)

Here's a photo taken by Warren Hart in November 1981 from the road bridge before the November 1985 flood.

Warren Hart also took this photo of the bridge from Bretz. I took a photo at the same angle of the former site of the bridge on January 15, 2012. The bridge itself wasn't damaged in the flood but the track was washed off the deck and the western roadbed was washed out at the abutment.

Looking east from the former eastern side of the WM bridge over the Black Fork River. Bretz is just around the bend. Formerly the WM roadbed ran straight from Bretz to the bridge and across to Parsons. When the bridge was removed the roadbed was curved for the hiking trail to cross the highway bridge. (1.15.2012)

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